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Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by FuCHyeah, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. First off hello eveyone in the GC community. I first want to know what is your favorite type of smoking device whether it be a bong, pipe, blunt or whatnot. Also, where do you guys like to blaze i.e rides, at home, in the park. Personally i like blunts and going on rides but the 5-0 does sketch me out sometimes.....:eek:
  2. For me it all depends on the mood. When I am with a group or with my girl. We just normally like to smoke out of the vap but when its just me I smoke only out of the bong. As for where do I normally toke. I toke mostly at my house but I love getting blazed on a cool clear night on the beach.
  3. I like bong tokes the most; preferably in my garage.

  4. you guys dont go on rides or anything having to do with rolling a blunt. Alot of my friends like rolling almost as much as smoking lol :smoking:
  5. Going on rides is fun I guess, but it's begging to get in trouble.

    Mitigate risk, don't go on rides.
  6. Bongs. Hands down.
  7. A long, satisfying vape-bong hit. The nostalgia and health aspect of it is great.
  8. I like a bowl or a joint. Depending on how many people are tokin.
  9. it all depend but i like glass more but if im going to be walking around driving or smoking with more than 4 people im going to use a blunt

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