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What Do You Prefer To Smoke Out Of ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Rizenn, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. I'm sure theres been tons and tons of threads before about this topic but i'm curious what do you guys use?
    I personally loved my mini-bong and bowl pieces but now their getting old and I want something different.
    So i'm probably gonna stick to Joints  for awhile ! :)

  2. Blunts and jayz, my bowl is nice on the fly but its not as feel good
  3. Ice bong? huh. is that like an ice sculpture? haha :p . and yeah I think i'm gonna stick to papers more often now, the glass pieces are getting me very bored of them.
    Some say it's a waste though to roll a joint or blunt? why's that??
  4. im blunted 24/7
  5. haha thats awesome man !
    you prefer blunts over papers?
  6. People say blunts and joints are a waste because weed is burning while you aren't hitting it. i don't think it really has that much of an impact but I've always thought it was kind of wasteful to just roll up a g all at once.
  7. vaporizers are cool plus the herb taste great
    but nothing is like a shotgun up the nose...oh the burn, but damn the buzz!!! :smoking:
  8. Vaporizer or Bong :bongin:
  9. Vape + percolated bong + ice cold water
    I would do that more often but I need a smaller bong...I think the chamber is too big and the vapor loses taste due to the water + extra air
  11. Vape then a shot of green dragon ......... ummmmm mmmmmmm gooooooood

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  12. Bongs for days

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  13. gravity bongs dude! 
  14. A vape, or perhaps my bubbler
  15. Vape through my bong.
  16. #17 Hypoxic, Aug 30, 2013
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    Straight tube bong always unless I'm with someone. For me to use something else alone it would mean my bongs are out of service. My vape is stuck away in the back of a cabinet, meh just not my thing
  17. We use a hallowed out 5 inch section of balsam wood that in the mid lengtth  is dugout concavity about the size of a nug, the cavity; which also has the air passageways and dugout thoroughly resinated with a mixture of lemon basil herb and cann overlain by olive oil coat baked on in that thru each blaze sesh it gets more cured.
  18. I'll smoke out of anything that doesn't detriment my health.
  19. a straight tube bong. nice n classic.:)

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