What do you ponder when high? or even sober

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Toking Sam, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. I can understand these thoughts haha

  2. Noway!
  3. What DON'T I ponder?
  4. When high , do you ever just get into deep thought , then suddenly without noticing you get up and to the fridge or food storage , then you suddenly find yourself there and get surprised? It's like to make that complicated action of getting to the food storage was decided involuntarily.
  5. Happened yesterday actually I was thinking about stars and eating a sandwich and didnt notice and was like "where did this come from" lol
  6. Think of the Spartans from Halo, they were raised into super-soldiers, while I was raised into 'pondering'. Ever since I was a kid, I just stick to myself, and start thinking and imagining, now my minds comprehension and capacity has increased, I have started to over-think. So I wander in this world, waiting day by day, for the next great thing, whether it be a grand idea, or a new game.

    So back to topic, I believe the universe is in the shape of an 8 or rather, a

    Kind of like a stream of existence.
  7. What I want to do with my life

    How the pyramids were made.

    Why are lays so fucking addicting?

    If the earths mostly water and the moon is a major factor in tides we're (humans) are mostly water. Whats it do to us?

    Shit like that :smoking:
  8. Lays are pretty damn good
  9. Politics!! I love debating when I'm stoned.
  10. The goal is infinitely then attach string theory and back into the universe to infinity. If waste of time declare "what do you expect, how long is a piece of sting anyway"

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