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What do you perfer...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by The_Nut, Jan 13, 2004.


What do you like?

  1. The classic, H2O

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  2. Soda

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  3. Fruit drink

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  4. Other

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  1. What liquid do you like to use in your bong?
  2. ive only ever really tried water, that works for me
  3. Coca cola with ice cubes (ice cold nectar of the gods).
  4. Oh shit, I thougt It said what you like tio drink. haha, never mind that fruit drink response, Im changing mah vote ta da wata/
  5. water's just fine but one time i put perrier into my bong.. perrier is carbonated water or something like that. . i don't know why but i was so blitzed after.. so that's my favourite one... water's just as good though .. too bad perrier bottles suck for making bongs though, they get soft way too fast.
  6. Oh, damn... I thought it was to drink. I use water in my bong. Although I've used beer, peppermint scnoppes, beer.... and once I was desparate enough to use my urine j/k lol
  7. same here i thought it was what you like to drink> never yet used a bong but i would most likely use water or alcohol
  8. i like water mostly. but i've tried with strawberry juice before.. mmmm

    and orange juice.

    you shouldn't put alcohol in a bong.

    it's a waste of booze. nobody is gonna want to drink that shit with all the bong gubbins in it.

    what a waste of jack daniels that would be

    and anyway. THC is soluble in alcohol, so you just waste a load of the weed aswell.

    it's just........ stupid.........

    but hey man, if you like it do what you want :D
  9. I perfer the Classic H2O....anything else would seem like a waste or would be use to quinch my cotton mouth!
  10. Ice cold water with ice. The smoke is so cool.....damn I love it. :)
  11. usually water.... unles its not my tube, an the owner doesn't mind gettin thiers a lil well 'sticky' then i like to use cherry slurpee... its the best....

    i prefer o use any type of slush, even its its just a high snow low water mix.... i love the freexing cold bubbley slush hits.... but regular water will just as fine...:D

    * if you do have a chance i highly recommed using any slush possible thohg... oj is good to if the person doesn't mnd the clean up.... but yummy tatse of nugget is good enough for me....*
  12. I didn't say I like using alcohol in my bong, just that I have used it in desparate situations before.
  13. Fruitshoot Blackcurrant.
  14. Icy cold water with a twist of lemon. Makes the smoke fresh as a cool summer breeze.

    Alcohol is a bad idea since THC is soluble in alcohol. It would give lower effect
  15. Isnt water like, always there? How do you not have access to water?

  16. lol was going to say the same thing, and if you think you can handle it, dont use any liquid, it hits SOOO hard! kinda painful but gets you ripped
  17. As weird as it may sound, my favorite thing in my bong is milk, you just have to clean it before it gets all gross or warm and shit.
  18. milk has fat though, and THC is soluble in fat, right?

  19. You stole the words right out of my mouth...snow in a bong is super awesome. The best thing about winter, in my opinion.

    If you're driving around with a bong, you don't have to worry about carrying water in it (possible spillage)...just grab some snow from a parking lot or something! It doesn't dump out as easy, and it makes the hits sooooo smooth.
  20. I didn't know weed was soluble alcohol really, huh... yeah I didn't bring any water with me when I went camping on a nearby mtn., all I brought was a halfrack of beer, and if I wanted water, I'd have to hike like 4 more miles (mostly uphill). So using beer seemed like a decent choice... Should've used nothing at all I guess.
    The other day, I didn't think it was too hard of a hit, with the bong empty... I loosened the base on my bong, kept my finger on the carb the whole time, and lit up... then when I was ready, I pulled off the base and inhailed all the smoke. Got me ripped, smoked a couple bowls, walked through some peoples yards untill I got to my neighbours then they smoked a joint with me. :)

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