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What do you pay for your bud?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SmokeKushNotBush, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. I live in a remote town in Ontario, Paris to be exact. Prices out here can get pretty cheap, I used to buy ounces for 120 of decent mids, and 150 for high, up to 200 depending on what I wanted. Now I get a qp for near 600 of fire, and 400 of high grade but just average high grade. What do you guys pay for what you get? And where is it coming from? Pics are always welcome ;) here's what I get for 600 [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. The average price in Macedonia, Skopje is like 8 euros for 1-2 spliffs with like 1.2 grams In both.
  3. High grade; 8th 40 1/4; 80 half oz 150 oz 250

    Shwag is 1/8; 15 1/4; 25 half oz; 50 oz; 90

    Hartford CT

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  4. $220 an oz. Usually pretty good stuff. Small town Saskatchewan.
  5. Mids $150 an ounce.
    High Grade $300 up to $350 an ounce depending on
    if it's just no name dank or if it's got a name.
  6. In the UK it's £10 a gram. Usually sold 2g and up.

    A ounce can variety from 200 to 300 depending on what it is.

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  7. I have a pretty solid connect right now who does a half oz of the best shit around for $115. Haven't come across a better deal.

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  8. I get an ounce of FIRE for 150. I get an ounce of mids for 120

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  9. 20151231_203842.jpg Austin Tx,700 qp
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  10. 10 a gram, 30 for an eighth, 50 for a quarter, 100 for a half zip, 180 for a zip.
  11. I haven't bought less than a half for a couple years but here in Washington I get

    80 half (100 top shelf)
    150 oz (170-220 top shelf)

    I've gotten lucky and scored an ounce of seriously decent mids for around 120-140 on good days.

    I personally don't buy more or less than that.

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  12. I pay $30 an eighth $50 a quarter $80 a half and $160 a zip for some high grade. Will never buy anything that isn't fire
  13. 10$ a gram
    40$ an eighth
    70$ a quarter
    110$ half ounce

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  15. It goes $26 for a gram around here..outside U.S.A, but you can good real good shit, or real bad shit, it depends. The hash around my city in praticular is measured by length and density and not by weight. I can go 2g of a hash finger for 26$
  16. 1 - 15 Headband good strain
    1/8- 45
    7- 80
    8.75- 100
    14- 130
    20- 200
    28- 240
  17. i pay bout $27 for every 2 pounds of bud n 3 of trim
  18. $150/O

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  19. Altogether, I can get bud from an array of price ranges for different quantities and qualities, but mainly what I've been sticking to is someone new I've been picking up through, who has the bombest quality for $40 1/8th. I feel like good deals are always around no matter where you're at if you are willing to look around and dig a little for it. Sometimes it might take a little drive, but they're around.

  20. I can get...dankest stuff in the city for...
    1/8th $40
    1/4th $80
    1/2th $160-$180
    Oz $260-$280 maybe $300 tops
    Most I've paid

    Also a qp goes for around $600 for mids and $850 dank

    Pound $2200

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