What do you pay for an ounce?

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    Heya all, i'm wondering what does everyone in the rest of the world pay for an ounce of good herb.

    Here in British Columbia, like my sig says, i can pick up 1 ounce for 180$ of good stuff, not like Mexican Brick or anything.

    Whatcha all pay for an ounce in the U.S?

    Edit: Budda, well, if im getting my regular stuff. I can't get insane stuff for 180$, doesn't work that way :p
  2. 230 for some smooth smoking, orange hair, sensi
  3. $180 for chronic in Toronto.
  4. fuckin if u get 180 for exos thats crzzzzyyyyy i get 300 a zip for jack herer thats maddd good aroud new york
  5. shit i get 100 or so for some reggie miller smith swag around NE missouri. if anyone can do me better hit me up haha
  6. Bizzle: You pay 100 for an ounce?

    Jesus man, hit me up with some of that love! thats like 3 bucks a gram.
  7. ya dude, shit down here isnt real good in NEmo. i mean columbia has good mids, and guys i know that grow got good, but we usually just have that shitty mexican swag. shitty prices i know, but supply and demand i guess. alot of big stuff comes through here, but i guess just not all of it gets broken down around here. i still make a little bit tryin to hustle when i do, but not much. i wish i could find a good source in my area, 75% of the sacks i get are about a gram or 2 short it seems like, just gettin a guaranteed sack that weighs is a plus. if i could find cheaper or better, i would get it.
  8. My friend grows.
    60 dollars an ounce of really dank dro
  9. that depends if i wanna get high or start thinking that i dont exist. . .

    only eighty bucks of difference though :hello:
  10. I give 100 for reggie and about 140 for a zone of the best bud we get here(which is not saying much):mad: I live in the mid west:mad:
  11. An ounce of reggie is about 60. An ounce of dro is about 400. An eighth is about 70. A gram is about 20-25. Houston, TX. I wish I lived in Canada..
  12. 40 schwag
    80 middies
    300 dank
  13. 200 for on oz here but it can go up to 350-400 and oz of good dank, but since i have a buddy growing hes going to sell it to me for 180-200
  14. About 40 dollars for swag 120 for beaster and 200-300 for real dank shit here in Austin TX

  15. Man prices are weird for you guys.
    $8 for a gram...nice over here its $10
    But $180 for a Ounce?!
    Over here in Michigan its $90-$100 (depending if your guy is cool)

    But over in Detroit its $25 you get a quater.
    Man I find that weird. :eek:
  16. I get 120-140$ an O of some nice chron, I live in Quebec.
  17. Dude I get ounces for $60 bucks.
  18. $140 for bistro and around 200-250 for named strained dank
  19. Sublime: You pay 60$ for an ounce?

    Thats like 2 bucks/gram

    Must be some shwag.
  20. BC here too. This summer I was rocking $160 oz of drank (Orange Kush, Green Crack, Woolly Wookie) and $180 oz of super dank (Purple Kush, Red Crack, WookiBerry (Wookie/Blueberry cross)

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