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what do you normally see after smoking a bowl?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by theflyingsquirrel, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. Hi everybody!
    Just curious, I've been smoking for a while and have definitely seen a few shiny speckles in a bowl after smoking, but some stuff I've recently come across is just crazy ridiculous. After smoking a bowl and dumping the ashes out onto a piece of paper I still find a ton of sparkly little spots. What I'm concerned about is that these shiny specks that I'm seeing are tiny flecks of metal or something, definitely doesn't look like grit weed though. Basically do you ever find a bunch of sparkles in the ashes or is that usually burned up with the green? Don't want to keep smoking this if it's hazardous >.<

  2. A picture would help. My weed from the dispensary is just normal ash, no 'speckles'
  3. That doesn't look good... you might want to closely examine your buds and report back here.
  4. I'm yet to see speckles in weed.. wtf lol.Ash yes.. but speckles like that? nope.-Doesn't order pizza on the phone because afraid a girl might answer Crew-
  5. again poor quality. i see some shinies there too =/ mostly on the inside

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  6. No man you should not see 'speckles', sounds like grains of glass from a shady dealer. What you should see is white ash from well flushed bud. Try these, rub your bud on a cd, if it makes a scratching noise you've got some grit weed. When you smoke a bowl, ash it on a table and run your finger through it to feel for grit.
  7. Do u mean poor quality picture or poor quality weed? Cuz the weed don't look like good quality ... Probably that's why there's that shiny shit ... I dunno maybe ur dealer puts that glitter shit in there to make it seem more frosty.... Beats me ... But ya... U shouldn't be finding that
  8. first thats grit judging by the pic. second that buds not cured at allll. ash is supposed to turn white not stay black. get a new dealer.
  9. your ash should turn white after combusting the plant 
  10. It could be from your grinder. It's happened to me.
  11. honestly in that picture he posted of the ashes that looked like what was leftover from a spice bowl -  yes i do unfortunately have some experience with it, and thats what it looks like burned
  12. \t"what do you normally see after smoking a bowl?"

    The inside of my refrigerator. 

    Investigate with a [SIZE=14.399999618530273px]magnifying glass. As well as following the other tips provided. Although I have never experienced this myself.[/SIZE] 
  13. this is sand ! they put it in to make it heavier, i bet that he weighed that up with you
  14. #15 theflyingsquirrel, Jan 15, 2014
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    Thanks for the replies everyone. I spoke to the guy who got this stuff for me and he said he smoked a full quarter of it over the weekend and didn't notice anything -_- to be on the safe side I think I'll toss it. I know he may not have noticed anything as I believe he always uses a bong, I'm not fortunate enough to own one at this point in time. Don't really want to inhale w/e that crap is through a spoon.

    So again thanks,
    Happy Blazing!
  15. #16 star-glittering-ocean, Jan 15, 2014
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    THat looks like weed that has been tampered with. Lucky you smoked out of a bong because if someone has been nasty enough to spray glassfiber on it, it actually happens from greedy a-holes that wanna put more weight on buds so they earn more, its caught by the water in the bong but you should def. not keep smoking that 'til you know what the heck that stuff is but as others have written here it could also be stuff from a grinder (if you have one of those plastic ones).
    And to answer your question about what one might see. Usually after I smoked a bowl i see white ash in the bowl and a nice view to look at while getting high :)
  16. Could be glass, people love lacing to get that 'THC' look.

    Find a new dealer man, that isn't worth your money.

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