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What do you need in a grinder

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tokingjew, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, I have a cheap grinder and i am looking from something a little better and that is still cheap. What should I look for in my new grinder and what are soem good brand names. Also, I know that i want something with a keif catcher or whatever they are called.
  2. kief catcher, if you get dank

    space case ftw
  3. I bought a space case locally after reading about their good rep online. Unfortunately I did not get the one with the kief catcher. So my vote: Space Case with a kief catcher. You can't go wrong with that
  4. If you want my two cents, buy one off eGay. There are a few guys selling tons of SpaceCase copied grinders for $9.99 with the same amount for shipping. $20 got me this with the pouch and kief brush.

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  5. is a pollen screen the same as a kief catcher? also, is buying a pollen compressor worth it
  6. If I was you I'd look for the space case which features the aluminum grinding blades, compartment for weed to drop down into, screen to allow keif to fall through and a compartment for the keif to catch into.

    It's a four chamber grinder, amazing. Numero uno in grinding, definetly.
  7. space case is sweet i got one for 45 and its decent size and solid as helll no keif catch though. still great price and rips it down to good packing size.
  8. i wouldn't get 1 from ebay

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