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what do you name your pieces?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pEtEy_p_ct, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. pretty unoriginal thread, but always enjoyable. basically just say your pieces name, type, size, why you named it what you did, whatever.

    i have a 7 inch spoon, my first piece, its yellow and blue ccg and its got these two glass tubes on its sides that go through a hole in the middle (hard to explain). when i ripped it it looked like a little yellow bird so i named it woodstock (my avatar).

    anyways, whats your pieces name and why?
  2. I always enjoy talking about the mane I give to my pieces....too bad that you don't speak spanish:smoking:
  3. first pipe- squibbly prestile yorkshire. just a little righty carb spoon with a really cool frog on it. confiscated by the popo

    clown glass spoon- silvanus, gift to my brother, left it in my room, confiscated

    dichoric 6 inch spoon, lots of apendages. name- mother nature. confiscated

    2 foot soft glass bong- the clairvoyant wizard bong- confiscated

    mini bubbler, inside out, swirly, all sorts of crazy shit - father time. still own.

    $130 GC ccg bubbler- Johnny haze (i might change it, i bought it used). still own.

    funny thing is that i haven't gotten any new pieces since i got busted by police.
  4. My friends and I have a tradition of naming all our pieces after people. Some have meaning, others are purely for fun.

    My stuff:

    Holmes -- Small Glass Sherlock -- Unoriginal name, but it was my first piece and now it's broken beyond repair...RIP buddy :wave:

    Reverend Thomas Toogood -- 16" Glass Bong -- Story/pics here.

    Miles Davis -- iVape Box Vaporizer -- I think this one is obvious.

    My friends stuff:

    Timothy Leary -- Inside-out Glass Hammer -- Some of the more experienced Blades probably know who this is, but if you've never heard of him you should read this.

    Jack Hanna -- 14" Pure Bong -- I love when he goes on Late Night TV with all the animals, it's hilarious.

    Sneaky Pete -- One Hitter -- Because he's just so stealthy.

    And last, but certainly not least...

    Bill Brasky -- Volcano Vaporizer -- Named after one of the funniest sketchs to ever come out of SNL. If you haven't seen it, here is the wikipedia on it: Bill Brasky.
  5. I speak bad spanish.
  6. haha Knox i named my sherlock holmes 2:)
  7. glass spoon-lil child

    roor- old blue (from "a christmas story"...just one of those holiday tokes that stuck)
    i have more peices, but no names attached to them.
  8. not original (stolen from half baked) but my home-made bong is called billy bong thorten.
  9. father time, mother nature,johhny haze, those are some sick fuckin names. honest.
  10. I dont name my pieces. But the one I bought from a buddy of mine was apropriatley(sp? haha that def. dont look right) name "The Circus". Because of the red polka-dots it has
  11. i named my shit after the finger puppets on salad fingers.

    WWW.FAT-PIE.COM go there high.
  12. 1 foot bubbler - Bong Jovi

    2 foot Hooka - Pancho

    I name my peices after things that happen when i get high with it
  13. I don't name inanimate objects. A bong is a bong and a bowl is simply a bowl.
  14. here's "frogger", my newest and now only piece because my old one got taken away

    Attached Files:

  15. well you're no fun. and circumcision IS mutilation.

    my pieces have been named chester, sebastian, william, and oney. i'm sure there's other jus can't remember :smoking:
  16. lil late now but my spanish is pretty good. I lived in Madrid for 4 years and my mom is spanish
  17. David Gilmour and snakeyes.
  18. 2 piece of junk spoons i got: cassandra and gemini after a mars volta song
    my bong: barrington levy
    my good spoon: hellen keller...i was watching a little too much south park that night
    my chillum: the lawnmower...some drunk kid named it that b/c the bowl of it has these green zig zag on it that resemble blades of glass, and the name stuck
    my bubbler: the red scare b/c its red and remind me of communism
    my other bong: resembles a webbed foot thus the name webster
  19. My old sherlock pipe was called the Snarfblat (seagull in aeriel called the pipe a bulbus snarfblat) My mini water bong wich stood about 6inches was called the momrath (In Alice in wonderland there was a sign that said dont step on the momraths which were these little six inch tall pant looking things) My girl had a pink pipe which we called the pussy cause it could always get you fd up, the snow bong was called North Star which is a ski resort many more but im sure your tired of them for now

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