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what do you love best about being a stoner

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by the hellion, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. personally, i love when im not stoned and i remember something, its like the doors of heaven open up.

    ex: i was trying to smoke my bong while getting ready for my shower, and the lighter i had, had no fuel in it so it was pissing me off, my backup lighter on the counter was nowhere to be found..THEN i remembered i stashed a lighter up underneath my sink with tape(have em stashed all over the house, so if people steal all my other lighters, i still got fire to smoke) and the best part was i never had to leave the was a good sesh
  2. its all about the weed man srsly
  3. after a long day of work/class, just sitting back with a bowl and just thinking. i use weed to relax.
  4. obviously. were on a forum...about marijuana...we obviously love that, but what do you love about being a stoner, not just smoking it...put some thought into it
  5. Lol, I know exactly what you mean.

    Being a stoner has really got me into music, so I'm going to have to say I like that aspect of it.
  6. it's all about stoner shenanigans
  7. never having to put thought into stuff lol
  8. getting down in my head with some music
  9. I love a new bag, breaking it up, the smell, the taste, the action of lighting a bowl, the feeling, the WORLD!
    well...when I HAVE it. lol :smoking:
  10. the blissful meditative state i can get into to relax. i can go so much deeper into a state of relaxation since i've discovered weed.

  11. This is something I agree with too. As a stoner, you know how to analyze conversation subjects better and love getting lost and finding your way. It's the small accomplishments in life that being a stoner has amplified. When I toke or not, getting small almost meaningless tasks done now is awesome and I feel much better about myself when I do. :D
  12. meeting cool people, and smoking some bud

    also i love getting that new piece that you have been eyeing up for a month and finally getting the chance to break it in with some dank

    also and bud gave me the ability to get through high school
  13. Amen to this. You can really actually listen to the music, almost borderline on another level, and really listen to it. And it gets your mind going and euphoria just going through you. Nothing like a fat bong rip and a vinyl.

    But I also love just getting ripped and relaxing in the hottub after 9-10 hour shifts at work and it just feels amazing.

    I gotta say that too, I always gotta save up or wait a bit to see how bills are and then I'll finally get the piece I ordered and just pack that first fat bowl of some chronic. Bud got me through living in shitty ass louisiana for a year. [too long of a story, but the moral of it is that Louisiana sucks]
  14. the peace i gain from smoking the herb
  15. smoking weed and being relaxed and happy.
  16. though there are many many great things about weed, my personal favorite, after much consideration is when you have been with your best bro driving everywhere manking calls to everyone and not finding one fucking thing to toke up on and then that one glorious moment when you get a call for a deal and you can go toke it up hte rest of the night.:smoking::smoking:
  17. i love the deep level of thought brought on after a nice long session with the bong
  18. it makes me me

    which is happy and mellow
  19. trueee that mannnn... that actually happened to me on 420 this past year... we had some but just ran out and we got so desperate cuz no one wanted to sell anything i started askin people i walked by haha... turned out this guy over heard what i was saying to someone and asked if i wanted some buds.. bought an ounce and blazeedddd :D:smoking:
  20. I just love how relaxing it is, and how it opens my mind up to soo many different ideas and thoughts. It makes food taste better, music sound better, and is just an all around orgasm :p

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