What Do You love About Summer

Discussion in 'General' started by Casabay, May 20, 2010.

  1. Ayy,
    We smoke.
    be happy.
    no one likes a negative Nancy..or a lil tight ass.
    [idk, kanyes work out song]

    what do you love about the summer
    *Everyone's all happy again, waving, saying hello and shit.
    [cept no one waves like they used to =/]:wave: <---"Dont even know you but waving to you]

    *Pool parties

    *the sun doesn't go down till mad late...thats kinda cool/sucky depending...

    summers the shit.
    what does it for you?

    Kanyes west work out plan vid

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=863zQQoiucI&feature=related"]YouTube - Kanye West - Work out plan[/ame]

    I swear if you get past the ghetto black girl part, its a good laugh. =]
    reeeally.tho. it only last till :47
  2. The decreased cloth to skin ratio.
  3. Hmm I can't seem to think of anything.

    Well there is half naked girls walking around. So that's always a plus.

    About it...
  4. everybody gettin loose as a goose all season everyday
  5. well im trying to find a job but havent found one

    and i must say the last few weeks just chillin with no obligation to do anything has been great! i love waking up every morning and knowing i have nothing at all i have to do. plus the weather is beautiful, everyone is out of school so ive been hangin out with everybody i havent seen in a while. being able to smoke weed all day and not worry about having to go to classes is nice.
  6. that i'm living at the beach on the water all summer, and got a sweet ass job
  7. wearing as little as possible, riding my bike, not being cold waiting outside for shows, beer is 10xs better, swimming
  8. sleeping in the nude.
  9. Tanning, the weather of course, smoking and drinking

    The best thing is that it feels like everything is perfect in your life right at that time.

    Just love waking up to a new day and realise, huh i don't have to do shit all today. I can just lounge around, go shopping, smoke up, go to parties and just chill, without things holding me back.
  10. Beaches.
    The heat somehow makes me feel higher. That natural sun high.
    Girls in them Booty Shorts.
    Girls in Bikinis.
    No more cold wind outside during basketball.
    No picking damn kids up from school or taking them.
    Our pool gets to be used.
    Sleeping with verbs nude.

    and of course, those summer nights.
  11. ............:eek::ey:

    friends coming back from school...




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