What do you like to smoke from? Whats your favorite?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by glasscollector, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Vote for your favorite smoking device.

  2. I say joint just cause I cant smoke in my room and its the easiest for me atm, but usually it would be a bong
  3. Lol you forgot oneys and a strait hittaa
  4. Vortex gravity bong
  5. I love joints.. but i've recently picked up a VaporBrothers Dark Chocolate with the colored blown-glass whip and mouthpiece attatchment, just waiting on shipment :))
  6. gravity or bong powersmokin to get twisteddd
  7. Vaporisers Scare me somewhat
  8. I love my bong. She is only 11-inches so I can take her places really easy in my back-pack, but she hits like a man. I love her.
  9. I'd have to say that my sherlock bubbler is my all time favorite way to smoke. Even more than my 2' perc'd gong. Especially in group settings, because I don't have to repack nearly as often. I haven't used my bubbler in at least a month because it needs water. When I actually have water, my bong is sitting next to me already. Everyone I smoke with prefers my bong to anything, so it gets smoked most often.
  10. i like rolling joints, and smoking them of course
  11. I like them all, but to really enjoy the full flavor of my buds a spoon is best. Professional judges use clean glass spoons for a reason.
  12. I usually use a bowl. I'll roll a joint occasionally, if time permits.

  13. watch katt williams its pimpin pimpin.. the part about vapes is fucking hysterical
  14. ^hell yeh it was funny.... i was smokin with some of my white friends and they where watchin it... we was laughin our asses off.

    anyway i smoke blunts and joints
  15. Voted for these..
  16. Lung :D:D :cool:

    2 liter cut in half, take a bread bag and tape it on the inside, and usually a socket for a bowl :hello:

    Portable, cheap, and easy to make :rolleyes:

    Happy tokin' :)
  17. I've been vaping alot since I got my SSV. I love how your herb tastes out of a vape. It is delicious. And I'm saving my leftover vaped buds to make brownies once I get alot.
  18. If I had a dollar for everytime I saw this same exact poll just posted by different users, I'd be rolling in dough!

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