What do you like to sip on, when you're high?

Discussion in 'General' started by John John, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Choose any liquid that pleases your taste buds (or cures the cottonmouth)


    I fuckin' LOOOOOOOOVE me some Orange Juice. (With pulp)
  2. Redbull Vodka
  3. green tea

    shit gives me a huge buzz
  4. fuck pulpy orange juice. cant stand that shit. :mad: hahahaha

    i like me some kool-aid.. its like, the tastiest and cheapest drink you can buy. i fuckin LOVE it. :D

    but as far as alchy goes, i like havin a nice lil glass of patron silver to warm me up. im a tequila man. :devious:
  5. In before the million arizona posts....

    Definatly peach or rasberry arizona tea.
  6. a light lager or pale ale, or maybe whiskey on the rocks. otherwise, mint tea or water.
  7. Arizona green tea with honey or a cup of hot tea.

  8. arizona green tea is runined for me, as it tastes like psychadellic mushrooms, for just about everytime i ate mushrooms, i drank arizona green tea with them.
  9. hell yea, fuckin i love to sip on some grape koolaid wit my home boi while were tokin a fat blunt
  10. usually have a beer. but if also doing oxy I have kool aid. tonight its grape kool aid.

  11. i shouldnt talk, but stay off that synthetic heroine!
  12. i like so sip on crack when i'm blazed
  13. AriZona Ice Tea Juices



    Half ANDHALf


  14. Hands down Vitamin water its amazing when blazed especially the dragonfruit (power-c) one
  15. Dr Pepper! It's so good with its prunny goodness!
  16. no doubt about it, slushies from any gas station.
  17. Orange pop is the best when your blazed:D
  18. either arizona w/ milk and honey


    milk, kahlua, and coffee creamer


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