what do you like to much on while baked?

Discussion in 'General' started by cheetochop420, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. When i am i am fried i like to eat funyouns and sometimes a sandwhich from subway.. but i do say tacos are pretty good and some gatorade for when i hit the bong really hard
  2. :hello::hello:Congradulations you have made the 1 millionth munchie thread:hello::hello:
    you win nothing.
  3. ya i know i just super phucking bored. waiting on my friend to text back to get some of that green smokable stuff
  4. Yeah,
    Subway is always great.
  5. subway is good....i hate eating fast food though like taco bell or wendys, it kills my stomach
  6. masturbating
  7. You guys had that cheesy beefy melt thing from Taco bell yet?! Aww damn son! Its soooo fine. Theres like rice,beef,cheese, and pockets of sour cream inside the burrito :eek:

    Subway is tasty too.;)
  8. Either a big box meal from taco bell, or slim jims. Every time I've gotten high with a buddy Ive had the big box meal.
  9. Huge ass bunch of organic grapes.
  10. Those Fritos Honey BBQ Twist things. You get a bag for like 99c and they fill up the whole fucking bag to the brim (not like other chips where it's 3/4 full of air). They taste awesome, just have somethin to drink too and you're set.

    Watch out tho, because your breath will stink like hell. I guess it'd cover up the ganja smell though :]
  11. the cheddar flavored sun chips.i think thats what there called...the squiggly squared ones..well they r very good
  12. a peanutbutter mnm sunday from friendlys
  13. nothing munching out kill ya high fool :p
  14. sunflower seeds
    davids...FTW so tasty
  15. HOLY SHIT! I didnt know it had all that in it! Im on my way!
  16. I LOVE subway, high or sober, but especially when blazed. Give me a subway club packed with veggies, a 2 liter of mountain dew, and some double stuf oreos and I'm set for a while. :D
  17. taco bell, wendys, mcdonalds. there all classics lol. I really like chex mix, the turtle one, that shits crack when im stoned ahha.
  18. i love getting a big fat burrito with taco sauce all over it
  19. ice cream..... :D
  20. DUDE mountain dew and dr pepper, pizza, mexican, peanut butter, chips, sweets. Anything.

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