what do you like to hear?

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  1. heres my smoking playlist

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  2. You should check out slightly stoopid, they have some great relaxing songs to smoke to.:smoke:
  3. Some slightly stoopid, cypress hill, reggae, KMK, Grand Master Flash( LOL!), and Jimi Hendrix, and when in the mood some Led
  4. i got/love every song on there. :smoke: you got good taste in music, man. :D
  5. [​IMG]

    This is my smoking playlist.
  6. pass the marijuana is by mystic roots ;)

  7. thats what i was gonna say.

    use pandora. www.pandora.com changed my life.
  8. Here's my playlist:

    You can download it too if you want:
  9. easystar all stars :dub side of the moon
  10. pretty much anything labeled classic rock lil wayne and stoopid is great too. stoopid for burn runs fo sho

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