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What do you like to do when your blazed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ModernH:pie, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. What are your favourite stoned activities? Post all types (indoors, outdoors, alone, with friends...)

  2. I think there is like 20 of these threads man. Lol
  3. anything i do sober
  4. Op's first post.....oh boy. 
    I love to dance on mountaintops and frolic in vast fields of cannabis.    Welcome to the city. 
  5. I like to watch movies or scavenge my friends refrigerator for food. Not really, I like to make scrap books

    Stay tokin
    Stay smokin
  6. I like to do ... not.
    Love doing nothing when I smoke. How wonderful, in this techno rat-race 24/7 multitasking clusterfuck, it is to do nothing. Except be high.
    "Let it be."
    Sometimes, ya just can't argue with that.
  7. Sit at work, go to the dentist, go to the doctors, ect,. really?
  8. i actually just got back to work from the dentist and yes i did vape a bowl or two before leaving my house this morning

  9. Do you wanna make out? Without our shirts on?
    Problem? ORLY?
  10. eat sleep fuck eat sleep fuck eat sleep fuck
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    Nope, there's just a list of things I personally wouldn't want to do high.  Things like being at work high feels like a waste to me
  12. Well that is the next logical step after mountain dancing.  :unsure: ;)
    haha I think nesw is saying she's high all the time, like most of us.  Thus we do everything slightly stoned, it's our medication.     :bongin: 
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  13. thats cool man each their own
  14. #15 WaxPayne, Oct 15, 2014
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    edit: i thought we were posting what we look like when we're blazed :laughing:
  15. Eat, sleep, rave. Repeat.

  16. I understand what most of you are saying, to do regular activities, but that takes away the "euphoric" feeling you get when your doing something fun
    :smoking:  :smoking:
  17. i always get pumped before hand to go do all this awesome stuff, but then when i'm high i forget what i was gonna do and just stare at my wall listening to beats... Still, it's pretty fun lol

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  19. I usually get fucked up with some friends in these woods where a bunch of stoners who always hang out across from a mall, so we always go over to the mall and hang out laughing at people and doing random shit.

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