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What do you like to do extra in the Shower?

Discussion in 'General' started by BakedBrownie, May 27, 2010.

  1. not my shower but when I'm out driving I like to BLAST music and sing as loud as I can... its fucking awesome :D
  2. lol my shower in my res room had a seat so I would always sit in it, but besides the usual stuff like jerkin it and smoking bowls out the window I guess I dont really do anything extra besides drink the occasional beer.
  3. are you norwegian royksopp?
  4. I turn the shower up, smoke a bowl, get in, and lay down and take nap. So easy to get to sleep and feels so amazing under the warm water
  5. I usually put my Ipod speakers in the bathroom and turn that bitch up all the way and w.e song plays Ill just start singing like crazy or hitting things with the drum beat and occasionally bust out a full on air guitar solo:cool:
  6. I lean against the shower wall. My shower is an actual stall thing so I will put my heels against one wall and my forehead against the opposite. Only moving to wash my hair and rinse off. I probably look retarded, but im far to lazy to support myself in the morning.
  7. Standing is uncomfortable

    Lol'd so hard
  8. Wouldn't this require more effort than standing?
  9. brush my teeth, I can get the tooth paste all over me and just wash it off and use the water to wash my mouth out

    once in a while Ill take a shower with the lights off when I need to recover from a nights drinking, make it so the water doesnt drain, and then just lay in my shower jacuzzi

    used to bring my CD player and blast music if im really stoned

  10. I fuckin knew it.
  11. i built a crazy device that allows me to hang upside down and take a shower
  12. There was someone who used to do this at my college, sadly he graduated a few years ago. Was funny seeing him around campus though, he was called the "beat box guy."
  13. ill match your 4 bars of soap and raise you 2 toothbrush handles

  14. Not at all, just keep your back straight. I dunno, maybe im fucked. Sometimes I like to feel like a peice of lumber. :confused:
  15. I like to relax and sometimes go into deep meditation whilst standing, although sometimes my lack of sleep catches up and it doesnt end well.
  16. now i want to take a shower lol
  17. We had a guy at my college that would rollerblade around campus with a blue guitar, serenading everyone.

    It's mean, but I always wanted to watch him wipeout and hopefully not smash up his cheap ass guitar too much, but if he did.. I admit, I'd have a hard time not laughing my ass off

    Now for something actually on topic:

    Yes, I'm a girl and I'm going to be crude as fuck:

    I love how weird my farts sound in the shower when my ass is all wet. They're.... bubbly :laughing:
  18. Umberynice

  19. I can just...hear your butt cheeks flapping in the wind

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