What do you like to do extra in the Shower?

Discussion in 'General' started by BakedBrownie, May 27, 2010.

  1. What do you do when away from the rest of society and no one can hear you or see you?

    I personally "choke the chicken" and beatbox like a Mo-Fo, the Acoustics in there are amazing. :eek:
  2. i like to ride a wild horse around my bathtub.
  3. I wash myself and think, A LOT.
  4. Eh.. You know, the usual...

    sing, dance, pee... whatevs
  5. I turn the hot water all the way up and stand there till my whole body is red
  6. no one else rides a wild horse around their bathtub or shower?
  7. LOL. The funny thing about your post OP, is that the beat boxing seams stranger to me than the beating off.

    What made u decide to start beat boxing in the shower?
  8. Brush my hair and comb my teeth.
  9. I beat box in the shower too!
  10. i really don't do anything weird in the shower, now that I think about it.

    I do, however, like to turn the hot water way up and just stand under the showerhead with my eyes closed. Sorta like a morning meditation, I just think about what I absolutely need to accomplish that day, then I wash my mom's back and go dry off.
  11. I smoke joints & bowls.
  12. Now how does that work?
  13. I have a noodle maker in my shower and a sauce cabinet. So i'll usually go for a bowl of ravioli while i'm in there.

  14. Newer shower stalls have a knob that disables the laws of physics.
  15. haha u son of a bitch, i wasn't expecting that
  16. Make a Santa Claus beard with the soap suds.

  17. Wait a second... something smells fishy here...

  18. Flagellation.
  19. Well i beat-box out of the shower, and sometimes it gets crazy and am worried if someone hears me they'll think I've gone mad, so the shower offers seclusion and Acoustics. :cool:

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