what do you know now that you wish you knew before?

Discussion in 'General' started by l4m3.u53rn4me, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. pretty self explanitory
  2. That dropping out of highschool would be a bad mistake
  3. everything... because then as of now i would know more, which means then i would have known more but then that means now i would know more than knowing more than i do now...
  4. That I should of thrown all my money into Apple stocks years before the iPod was even thought of, I was an apple fan long before counterstrike came out and no one even cared for Apple.

  5. Lol i agree
  6. Nothing
  7. Great question!

    One of those things is:
    If you marry a woman look @ the mother - if the mother got serious issues so will (very likely) the daughter @ some point.
    (not married to that person anymore...hahaha)
  8. hell yea man... the mom test is a classic.
  9. I have no experience in this, but I'm sure some can attest, DON'T GET MARRIED!

  10. Yeah it is.

    Wish I knew that before I made that mistake...lol

  11. Why not?

    Being married has a great advantage! You can share the problems you didn't have before! :bolt:
  12. Smoking everyday for a long period of time CAN in fact change your motivation level but you gotta keep yourself under control.

    Keep your ambitions high!
  13. Dropping out of HS is my only regret, Honestly.
  14. how to get a girl to give me blowjobs

  15. There are no advantages for a man being married, NONE. I have friends my age who are now married, they loved it the first year, now they are HATING it.

  16. :laughing::laughing::laughing:
  17. i wish i knew before i wasted two years that my ex was a cheat and a liar!
  18. everything.
  19. everything and nothing..

    i wouldnt get into relationships that hurt me or were doomed from the beggining,
    but then again..i wouldnt be the person i am now.
    i know more cause i learn through my mistakes and life..if i havent done any i wouldnt know anything..

    maybe if i knew about guides school earlier i wouldnt loose years in other universities..
    thatd be quite helpful..anyhow.

    what is done ,is done.

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