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What do you keep your bud in?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by hwillieyams, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. I've been using an old black film canister, but one of my friends said that that lets too much air in and dries the weed. I'm beginning to think he's right. What's a good container?
  2. double ziplock bag for me :p Deep in a sock drawer.
  3. [quote name='"LazyWalruss"']double ziplock bag for me :p Deep in a sock drawer.[/quote]

    I would avoid this one...air sealed jars for 2 doll hairs at wal marts
  4. what's wrong with ziplock bags?
  5. It's not horrible but leaving it in a jar of some sort helps cure it better giving it better taste and smell holmes bags just help ruin trichomes
  6. Sick stash jar i got from my lhs. Holds about a quarter give or take a few grams


    Sorry for the bad picture. Shitty phone pic
  7. I keep all my weed in my anus.
  8. short fat, airtight jar. Keeps all moisture out, and all scent in.
  9. The all powerful, transparent ,child proof, airtight , smell proof, portable , floatable , hold all your bud-able,the one, the only, "ORANGE PILL BOTTLE"
  10. always keep mine in a plastic bag inside a old pickle jar
  11. really? which woods
  12. I keep my weed in a smelly proof bag inside my freezer!
    Next to the frozen peas in fact..

    Stays fresh for ages :=]

  13. I keep mine in a mason jar, but I also stock up on weed when I pick up, and don't pick up very often.

    But if you have a small weed a pill bottle or film canister will do. Film canisters are air tight btw.
  14. personally i keep mine in an airtight jar a mason self sealing jar works fine for me just make sure its airtight if ya wanna know a trick to tell if its airtight or not pm me op.
  15. mason jar
  16. Mason jar
  17. Mason Jar

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