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What do you keep your bong in?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by InfamousSecrets, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. I just got a new mini glass bong and I'm ganna go take a couple hits right now, I have no idea what to wrap my bong in so that it can conceal the smell. I had an idea to put it in a fresh pair of socks and wrap that in something, idk what to do :confused: please help me. Oh and I'm going to keep it deeeep in my closet inside an old bag so I don't need to worry about getting caught, just need to conceal smell somehow. Thanks in advance for your lovely responses. Peace and Love. :smoking: :hippie: :smoke:

    How do you guys store your bongs?
  2. i put my plastic bong up in a shoe box when i did smoke n emptied it after every sesh
  3. Before I broke it I stored it with my other paraphernalia in my xbox 360 box
  4. i leave it wherever I want. I live away from my parents. haha ^_^

    but no for real, when I did live with my parents, I put mine inside of my guitar amp speakers. had a 4x12 cabinet that the sides screwed off of. My parents saw me carry it in and out of the house every day, and never knew.
  5. I hve a bong case but it has never been used.

    Bong stays next to my bed.
  6. in the fridge next to the orange juice
  7. inside my guitar case

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