What do you hold compassion for?

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  1. Question is simple: what do you hold compassion for?

    My response is clear: for all sentient and non-sentient beings, those suffering and those not, those passed and those present. How gracious it is to be alive and having the experience of being human, it's not easy.
  2. I hold compassion for beings relative to their capacity for suffering.
  3. People, even when they give me more than enough reason not to

  4. yes, you said it well....I feel the same way.
  5. compassion for the compassionate

    give what you get, get what you give that kinda thing.
  6. Humanity, not humans.
  7. People. Not every person, but that one person that just shines. Who has it all, but doe's not brag. Who is beauitful, but does not abuse it. Who rather give then take Who smiles all the time. A compliment rather then a putdown.

    I know a few, and I would honestly die for them. They stand for what humanity needs be.
  8. Innocent ones.
  9. Animals, dogs specifically. No matter what, they always show their owner nothing but love. I think it's awesome.
  10. Hold passion for mankind.

    I'm in a large world full of people who may or may not share my values and belief. For unity of humanity and my self-worth it is important to project the love for myself unto others and hold equal the right upon them as i wish to receive right treatment and believe that if u truly are good then good things will happen which is something we all share and desire.
  11. I am compassionate for my dog...dont know what else to say...honestly have never really thought about it. Ive been so lonely in this world I really dont have much to be compassionate aboute.
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    Wait a second, there is such thing as compassion that isn't pure compassion for all of everything that both can and can't be imagined? Weird...

    Edit: Rhetorical question, the answer is no
  13. There is a fine line between compassion and pity.
    Compassion involves an outward action to help,
    pity is just feeling "bad" for someone.

    I have compassion for children who live in dysfunctional homes
    I have compassion for drug addicts
  14. I have the ability to be compassionate whenever and where ever...it depends on how much I'm connected at the moment
  15. all depends on when you ask.....
  16. I try to have compassion for myself. It all starts from within.
  17. I try, and am not perfect, but try to be compassionate to all living things and to recognize we all are suffering.

    Life is suffering, and few people have learned to escape it.

    Compassion is a seed that when planted, grows love and trust and peace, and flowers more compassion.

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