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What do you have copied? Paste it. No cheating!

Discussion in 'General' started by SixTimesThree, Apr 5, 2011.

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    edit: only changed it because the first time the comic did not appear in my screen.
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  2. First got here and you had a comic posted. Now it's lyrics to a song.

    You cheated.
  3. HEY! There's a three-legged dog in your signature...
  4. [ame=] G-Technology Hard Drive Array 320 GB - Hard Drive Solid State Drive - USB, FireWire, FireWire: Electronics[/ame]
  5. .............
  6. Keep breathing. You never know when life just might be worth living again.
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  7. bal en blanc??
  8. 3684616, 44921004, 79281461, 31546543, 48174438, 94940624

    Lmao. I'm working tho
  9. I don't ususally venture outside the grow forums, but I do when it comes to certain Southern things.

    First, nobody mentioned the fact that the bars and stars flag was NOT the flag of the confederatercy, it was a conferate battle flag. It represented courage and valor.

    Second, someone did mention the revestionist history that's occurred. When you ask most people why the Civil Was was fought , the first answer is "to end slavery" and nothing could be further from the truth. It was fought over state's rights, slavery was a component of that but minor one. If you told the people of Charleston it was to protect slavery (most of the slaves were on large plantations owned by wealthy people) you couldn't have raised even a small mob. What incenced the people was that armed union troops were patrolling the streets and imposing curfews and the free assembly of citizens.

    The Civil War (The War of Northern Aggression) started in April 1861 and the Emmancipation Proclomation didn't happen till Jan 1863. It only freed the slaves in the conferate states, slavery was still legal in the border states that stayed in the union.

    Fought to end slavery? Bullshit.

    The conferate battle flag was unfortunately hijacked by racists, but the flag was stolen by the politically correct assholes.

    Many of us believe that flag still stands for courage and valor.
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  10. Ha! I just posted that on another thread as a quote!
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  12. GH11-Spanish 1B
  13. I like it rough, id rather feel pain than nothing at all


    rofl copied some dumb girls status on fb to my friend
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  14. Assassins Creed Brotherhood

  16. An unfinished song I was writing. I had pasted it onto my blog I guess you could call it.

    I know something happened
    I know it broke your heart
    Sometimes I see you crying
    I want to help but I don't know where to start....

    You rarely mention him
    When you do, I see your pain
    I know it saps your life away
    I know it's such a drain...

    I remember when you used to laugh
    I remember when you used to smile
    When did that light go out?
    I haven't seen it in a while....
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