What do you hate about your body/face? Post it.

Discussion in 'General' started by dantino, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Hey grasscity...I want to indulge ourselves in a little healing experiement...we all have something we hate about our physical selves.

    I hate how my nose kinda tilts to the side. When im baked, it's really noticeable sometimes.

  2. Weight and wish I had longer lashes.
    Oh and bigger boobs and butt.
  3. my nose is bent,

    my pelvis is twisted

    and i got a bum knee
  4. i dont really hate anything about my body lol.... acceptance is the key to happiness....

    but... i really dislike how my feet are wide as fuck.. i have to wear size 14's, when i am 12 in length, just so the width fits......

    It also leads to my shoes wearing out faster since the front kinda flops around and they are forced wide by my feet.....

    BUT 1 huge upside... it was definitely caused by a lack of shoe wearing as a child and lots and lots of running/jumping/climbing on rocks..... sooo i can pretty much just not wear shoes whenever the fuck i want... my feet are tanks and i have awesome balance lol nice wide feet, nice deep arches... but shoes.... do not enjoy being on my feet whatsoever
  5. my eyebrows look like catipillars my nose is fat and gay my eyes are fucking stupid lookin there bug eyed and Asian my lips look like a dirty skank bitch lips and my ears are tiny gay elf shits i also have big fat ugly hairy nostrils
  6. beer gut and an occasionally bum knee.
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    I'm a ginger.

    That's about it.

    I could gain a few pounds also. I was really self conscious about being a skinny ginger kid until I started blazing and Suprisingly since then my hair has browned slightly and I've gained a few pounds :D

    Now I'm at 130lbs for a 6'1 stoner ginger kid and I'm loving it lol

    EDIT: Oh ya. And I have REALLY dry skin. Like lizard skin. But I'm not self conscious about it. I practically cause it myself. I drink like a bottle of water a day.
  8. tinea versicolor - a long term chronic fungal infection of the skin.

    The main symptom is patches of discolored skin with sharp borders (edges) and fine scales. The patches are often dark reddish-tan in color. The most common sites are the back, underarms, upper arms, chest, and neck. Affected areas do not darken in the sun (skin may appear lighter than surrounding healthy skin)
  9. I have serious GI problems and my facial hair grows way too fast
  10. Thin lips, broken nose and no ass@!
  11. I hate my height. Fuckin bleedin 5ft.
    And my bum. It's too big for my body.
  12. I could probably do with losing a couple of pounds.
  13. I hate how easily I get a unibrow. And I'm no where near as muscular as I like to be, and I seem to have trouble making progress with that.
  14. Pimples and bird chest D:

  15. idk being short is considered a positive for girls.

    that's sorta understandable tho, it would still make you stick out.

    like a guy who is 6 "4 or something
  16. I hate my height too. I am about 5'5"-5'6" but I wish I was like 5'8" or something. Ah well, that's why heels were created right?!
  17. I hate the scarring on my face from acne. And the fact that I still break out at 22 years old :(

  18. Hey... I am 6'4... and I enjoy it. :smoke:

    I could lose a few pounds too though, but just getting my un-motivated ass to the weights might help.
  19. Jesus lol another thing I forgot. I have that too!! Microdermabrasion is our solution though. They have an at home one for like $50 :) good reviews from it.

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