What Do You Hate About Summer

Discussion in 'General' started by oneblownaZn, May 20, 2010.

  1. Fucking Bugs!

    Biggest buzz kill ever!
  2. Seriously, I hate when I'm outside just smoking a joint and mosquitos and flys fly around my face.
  3. That, and the fact it's hot.

    Oh and theres a shit ton of more kids running around fucking everything up.

    In my opinion everything is just more chill in the winter time. Not as cold, as like relaxing. Store clerks at the gas stations get all pissy, and douchebag like over summer. Probably because a shit ton of kids running around fucking everything up.
  4. the forest fires. I got a killer sinus infection last year from them.
  5. The heat...I live in AZ and it gets like 110+ here in the summer, cant even go outside or you'll get 3rd degree burns
  6. Little kids running around and fucking shit up. I'm with Yourcatdead about the winter shit, I love it.
  7. I know that feeling.

    We Arizona folk are the shit.
  8. Humidity.

  9. I know man the fuck I thought smoke kept bugs away:confused:
  10. Nothing, summer is awesome!
  11. Bugs, heat, humidity, sweat, smelly people.
  12. When you walk/run too much and your ass gets sweaty, then it starts rubbin and rashin.
  13. Nothin I hate

    there's too much to love about the summertime than to find reasons to hate on it

    yall are crazy
  14. The heat.
    100+ degrees here.

  15. Agreed.
  16. The heat. Dear God, the heat. It gets up to 115* and it is dry as Hell. We have to run a humidifier in the house so that we don't all have nose bleeds every day.
  17. I love summer but i've been looking for a job for a while now and haven't toked for over 2 months because of it. Now that's annoying... Everything else is WIN
  18. The heat, bugs and humidity. I'm all for the cold weather.
  19. i think no classes would have to be what i hate the most....HAHAHAHA:smoking:
  20. The scourge that runs rampant throughout our City, and brings threads of faggotry and epic fails.

    High-school kids wasting our precious bandwidth, is by far the WORST thing about summer.

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