what do you guys wanna be?

Discussion in 'General' started by doob3r, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. what do you guys/gals plan on dressing up as for halloween?
  2. i'm going to be taking an exam on halloween evening then studying for another the next day...just like last year

    so nothing... :(
  3. Captain Planet. This is my most ambitious costume ever.
  4. Jim Morrison..yea I bought a pair of snakeskin pants, and a morrocan silk shirt, complete with fringe..

    The costume also includes a fifth of soco..and a FAT joint
  5. Columbian Coke Lord.
    Just need to find some more gold chains.
  6. im gonna where a football jersey and say im a football player, i knida hate costume parties, only good thing about them is the chicks, its basically a contest on who can dress the sluttiest
  7. I'm gonna be playing at a party on Halloween. We're gonna play all P-Funk tunes and i'm gonna dress up like Garry "Doo-Wop" Shider (The Diaper Guy). It's gonna be fun as hell. :D

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  8. I'm gonna be soulja boy..............lol j/k
  9. I've got class, so NOTHING.
  10. i kinda wanna be a bong...but im lazy:)
  11. i want to go door to door and get candy, but i know no one will give me any

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