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what do you guys use to scrape kief?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blunt_master, May 28, 2009.

  1. out of your grinders?
  2. Guitar pick is definitely a great tool for that
  3. I use a kief pick.
  4. This little triangular piece of plastic that came with my Diamond Grinder
  5. ^^^^^ ya same with the above, my space case came with a little scraper/pick. But with my last grinder i use to use the bottom of neosporin thing (cause its small) and then i got one of those little supermarket cards than you can attach to your keychain. Then i would use a playing or business card to scoop the kief out.
  6. Playing cards work well!
  7. Same. I find it funny when people think a guitar pick came with their grinder.. haha :smoking:
  8. I made my own homemade keif scraper out of an old credit card. It actually works really good if you don't have one or you misplaced yours. Cause I'm not sure if they sell them at headshops... Probably not
  9. yeah, kief scrapers usually come with the more higher-end grinders. a very nice thing to have ( and they have a tendency to get lost, so its best to keep them inside the grinder itself.)

    Ive heard people say razors are good but i cant vouch for that myself, in my experience anything with a fine edge on it can collect kief nicely, just keep your eyes peeled for everyday items, particularly plastic and straight.
  10. if you use blunt wraps, the part of the package you rip off to open it works really great
  11. guitar picks work perfect. they are already shaped perfect to go around the edges and pick up all the good stuff. not to mention they are cheap and can be found very easily.
  12. i use the search function
  13. [​IMG]

    A microspatula that I stole from my chemistry lab.
  14. guitar picks work, but i find the kief sticks to it a lot more than some other tools
    i've been using an electrical connector used for car radios. it's got a small plastic bit that i can hold and use the flat metal surface for moving and loading kief.
  15. use a make up brush to brush all the keif out the little spaces
  16. I hand made a then piece of nickle and with a grind wheel i sharped one end (note i did this all in my fine metals class.) It is the best scraper i have used and seen, i carved kief into it on both sides :smoking:.
  17. i use the flap on my joint paper boxes
  18. i put a nickel in my keif catch and shake as much as i can to one side then use a pocket knife to scrape it all out, the sharp point makes it easy to scrape every last crevice because my grinders cheap and not well made but it gets the job done. i really want a sharp stone grinder, my friend has one and used a razor blade to collect his keif because it fits in the bottom perfectly.

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