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Discussion in 'General' started by stonygurl, Dec 30, 2001.

  1. Hi everyone. Ok, here's the deal. I have a very savvy and suspicious 10-yr old who is going through the DARE :( program this year. Sneaking around to toke up is getting harder for me! The little shit has started asking too many questions.

    I've been thinking about getting a vaporiser. Someone told me that they emit a fruity smell which would enable me to smoke in my bedroom, if I chose. I have never even seen one, so don't know if that's true or not. I did a search on these forums and seems that most people don't really like them. What do you think..is it a waste of my money? Should I figure out something else? The way it is now, I don't dare go in my basement to smoke anymore as he has noticed a "funny" smell wafting up from the vents. If I go to the garage for any period of time, he's on alert. FUCK! Used to be so much easier when he was little. I have cut way back on my smoking as a result of this, and frankly am quite resentful! Would a vaporiser help with the smell problem?

    Thanks for listening.
  2. High Stony, If you want to be able to smoke in your room with out the smell, you need a clean air machine. The one i have you can put purfumes in it. It will give a fresh sent to the house as well as eliminate the odors. You can purchase one at wal-mart.

    I hope this will ease your mind.
  3. Great idea, Bud Head! Why didn't I think of that! Thank you very much, it does help.
  4. Some times when it's too cold to go to my shop, i'll use the machine. I smoke close to where the machine is and people in the next room don't even know.

    If you get one, Let it run for at least three to four hours a day. Your son will get used to it and not ask why it only runs when you disappear for a while!

    Don't forget to clean the filters a couple times a week! The smell will get trapped in the filter. Sooner or later the filter will fill up and it will start to smell!

    Good luck Princess Stony.
  5. Wow I never knew clean air filters can emit scents! That is a great idea and I may just invest in one...
    Stonygurl, beware of vaporizers, a friend brought one over and we used it,it smelled like something burning in a BIG way, not sure about weed but it smelled like RESIN of some sort. DEFINITELY not a fruity smell. And we were using green fluffy buds.

    Just curious, has your 10-year-old asked you flat out if you smoke? Or has he hinted that he knows? Woo I wouldn't know how to react :)
    Good luck!!
  6. No, he's never come right out and asked. If he did ask me, I would definitely be honest, as I hate lying. We've had discussions about marijuana and I have made my views clear to him with regards to the law and what would happen if a person got caught with it. I just don't know if he would rat me out or not at this point. He's one of those "good" kids (thankfully, I guess) who always wants to do the right thing. I think that DARE program really brainwashes. Some of the stuff they talk about is good, like violence. But a lot of it is pure shit. Thing that pisses me off is we don't have a choice as to whether we want our kids to participate in the program. Weren't even notified before-hand that they were going to be doing the classes. Fuckers.

    Thanks for the tips, Bud Head. We are going to Walmart this morning and I will definitely take a look at those things.

    Thanks, ganjaphish, for the input about vaporisers. The guy who told me about the "fruity" smell is kind of a dumbass and I was doubtful when he told me that. I don't even think he has ever smoked out of one. I'm kind of a simple girl and prefer my little color-changing piece or a nice joint...I don't want something too complicated that requires a lot of thought *lol*.
  7. DARE is pretty hardcore, it's a damn shame marijuana isn't excluded, they just lump it in with all the hard drugs..
    The intent is good, I can understand, but you did the right thing talking to him about where you stand!
    As he gets older you should introduce him to books like Hemp for Health, which talks about the benefits of hempseed oil etc., and make him aware that marijuana is more than just a street drug for bad people.. But I'm sure it's already in your plans :)

    Also another thing about vaporizers you have to pack the bowls up pretty large, they burn a decent amount of weed, and yeah it gets you pretty baked but I agree.. I like my joints and my pipes just fine thanks ;)
  8. Rules of the game I know, but it still sucks!

    As for smoking incognito, I used to keep a old toilet paper roll stuffed full of Bounce dryer sheets, or Fabreeze sheets around. I'd use the ol' dugout hitter and blow my smoke into the roll. Did a fairly good job, until you take that big hit that bursts forth in a coughing spasm!

    I had THE talk with the kids last summer. They were already wise to it, and had smelled it before. So I basically told them that I loved them and would never do anything to put them in danger. I told them we were'nt going to be doing right in front of them. I also talked about how it WAS against the law, but I did'nt think that was just. I also talked about the DARE thing, which kind of led off into a "who's supplying the info" speech. I wound it up with "this needs to be our little secret" spiel. I brought it up again over the next several days to see if there were any worries over what we had talked about. None whatsoever! I had worried about that talk for a couple of years. Turned out to not be the monster I thought it would be!

    Over the time I've known you Stony, I can tell you and your boy are close. I don't think he would run and get you busted at his first chance, but also I don't live with y'all so I don't fully know the situation. But it sounds like the relationship could with stand this admission. I'm not gonna tell you to 'fess up, only you could decide that. But, 10 yr. old ain't stupid!(once again, you don't need me to tell you that) I hope you can find a way to break it to him. I'll be willing to bet that he would probably handle it like my kids did.

    If you'd like, you could do what I did. I let my kids meet some of y'all! Yep, they've seen y'all's posts! It made them realize that what you get fed by school and the media ain't always the whole truth! I nkow myself and your other friends here would back your play!

    Good Luck!
  9. i thought i might as well throw my cent in as well....
    we had THEtalk with our kids about a year ago and tried to be honest, the dare program was an issue. we stessed the fact that we are breaking the law :rolleyes: but are in no way criminals (sounds complicated i know, but i did i can pull that crap,now and again) . i knew my 5 minute trips were suspiciously monitored by 2 smart slueths. its been a little nicer for me to say,...HEY...YOU BACKOFF! and give me five freaking minutes alone,eh?.ok not really but its close.

    im sstill trying to figure how some spouses hide it from their partners

    good luck,...
  10. ok so i aint got kids... or the years and years experience of smoking, hiding smoking and bringing up kids but i have had a few "the talk"s with younger cousins about my extensive use of the herb... just to make sure they understand i'm not some junkie f***. I'm sure we all appreciate that it would be lovely to be able to smoke the herb infront of the kids (well it would be a shit load better than doing addictive things like smoking cigs and shooting up infront of them). I'm also not in America so havn't gone through the DARE kiddie brainwashing scheme... but as long as you explain to them BEFORE they get brainwashed the differance between substances and all that hat then they will not only respect you as parents more but also gain a healthy distrust of the government ;) hehe. the DARE program is soooooooo frigging dangerous its just not funny. Here in the UK we might still not have things sorted but at least "they" stopped telling kids that cannabis was "just as bad as those bad drugs" (heroine mainly) about ten years ago ... a HUGE part of the gateway theory. anyways i've gone of on a rant... u guys know this stuff.

    Honesty with kids as soon as possable is the best approach but don't try too hard as it can look like the same type of brainwashing to them. Kids are smarter than u think. They'll figure it out.

  11. That's it...Higha, Smoki, canya come on over and have "THE talk" with my kid? heh heh. :rolleyes: Thanks for the encouragement and words of wisdom. You all have excellent input!

    I'll be away from the boards for a few days, so see ya guys when I get back, and HAPPY AND SAFE NEW YEAR to you ALL!!
  12. Alright, I am only a 14 year old kid, im sure you guyz no tons more than i do on this subject and parenting or whatnot, im not trying to step in an parent for you guyz but i know if my parents smoked weed, I'de want them to tell me, I mean if you tell them that you smoke it then they wont get so scared about them trying it and getting introuble, tell them that you want to be open with them and have them be open with you, tell them that you dont want them doing stuff behind your back and that you feel bad for doing stuff behind there backs. I'm sure that if you did this and it worked your parents/child relationship woudl be much better, having less lieing and mistrust, if you get what im saying im sure you can figure out a way to put it into your own words. well hope i helped somewhat, i tryed, c ya
  13. Okay... just a standpoint from someone who's been on the otherside of the coin.

    My parents raised me from the beggining with honesty. I grew up with phototrons in my basement, our "family time" being spent taking care of our beauties. I knew more about hydroponics at the age of six than most ever will.
    I was raised to love the plant... because of that I've never seen it as a bad thing, a rebellios act, and I certainly didn't feel ashamed of it in any way shape or form.

    And along with that honesty, came the truth of injustice. I knew that legally it was wrong, and knew the consequences that it held... which also made me realize NOT to talk about it. Where as children can and do let their mouths slip about some very hush-hush issues not knowing they shouldn't... that's what gets you into trouble... the child who accidently says a little too much when the DARE enforcements come to their kindergarten class, and then learns from THEM first their value and moral system according to pot. Then they become suspicious... they think "Mom never talked about it... it is wrong then"

    The most detrimental thing to come from this honesty was... well... Living in the sticks, we were able to not worry about prying neighbors so be didn't have a ventilation system... so obviously EVERYTHING smelled heavy of skunk... and no it wasn't all that great going to school reeking, lol. But other than that.

    I can remember when things got a little heated and the honesty that my parents and I shared started to dwindle. My father began not trusting me, and then and only then did my trust of him waver. Kids aren't stupid, they know you smoke. There's no way to get around it if you smoke on a regular basis... You're their role models, in a time when teachers all too often are forming our children's minds parents have forgotten that it's their duty first and foremost...

    If you're going to have kids and be committed to this "lifestyle" you have to show them from the very begging that there's nothing wrong with it.

    Your children come to you before anyone else, unless they think you're not or haven't been upfront with them. SO be upfront with them... even at a formed age, when their values have been set at an opposing angle the truth is obvious. It's a plant, and every human being has the right to smoke/grow/use in any way shape or form a mere plant.

    It may be trite, but truth is the only answer.
  14. wow...
    sometimes you guys just blow me away with your insight.
  15. Thanks to you younger stoners out there, for your valuable input!

    So, transendence, you were the "smelly kid" huh? lol. You and blackmagic had some excellent points and have given me food for thought. You guys don't think that 10 is too young to tell him, then?

    By the way, HIGH all, I am BACK and feeling okay. Had surgery on New Year's Eve, but seem to be bouncing back okay. Got out of the hospital on Thursday. It feels good to feel good enough to get back online. Still haven't been able to enjoy my herb yet...makes me too nauseous at this point. I sure liked the morphine they gave me in the hospital, though!!
  16. Glad to see you're feeling good, hope you can enjoy some herb soon :)

    Good luck with your 10-year-old :)
  17. LMAO, yup it sucked... but I always had one killer contact high... so as with everything in life it's a give and take kind of thing. lol.

    No, ten's not too young... just about right actually, ten's about the average age for first experimental use now-a-days so it's definetely a good time to talk about it.

    *hugs* Don't worry 'bout the boy he'll turn out fine, and he isn't gonna hate you for it, he might be confused... most probably will. But I doubt he doesn't have more than a sneaking suspicion already :D

  18. Please, do yourself a favor and don't tell your son that you're smoking yet. I don't think that a 10-year old brain can handle it. My reasoning behind this is my own experiences. When I was about 10 I had my suspicions about my mom smoking pot but was never certain about it until I turned 11. I went to dinner at a pub with my mom and some of her friends. After dinner I noticed my mom and her friend Tina outside in the car but I couldn't tell what they were doing. I snuck around the car and knocked on the window while they were puffing on a joint. My heart was broke...you know why? America and society in general make drugs and addicts to be the worst thing in the world. I didn't know about the benefits of hemp and cannabis but I knew it wasn't commonplace to ask or talk about it and that it was illegal.
    Well anyways...I had my mom on a pedestal and basicly when I found out she smoked pot I lost respect for her completely. I wouldn't even listen to her when she tried to explain to me that it wasn't a big deal. In my head there was no excuse for such a thing. We had a lot of arguements in my adolescent years. I was embarassed sometimes to have my friends over because I would have to spray some Glade if I wanted to go in the basement.
    When I 1st got into weed she was leary of it but I just told her not to be a hypocrit. If she smokes it why can't I? My point being let your son make his own decisions about weed for himself before you try talking to him about your smoking. In 6th grade weed to me was something that's not supposed to be growing in the lawn. In 7th grade weed was the next thing to smoke after cigarettes.
    Don't get me wrong...I love my mom dearly. Even though we had our differences in my younger years she still means the world to me. Actually, the batch I'm growing right now is half hers and is okay for me to give to her since she was granted a MM card for her glaucoma. For the most part I try to keep my life legal and legit...and I live by my mom's words..."keep everything in moderation."
    Sorry for rambling on...I got an Ionic Breeze Quadra for smell and allergies. It works great! It removes all the things in the air that I'm allergic too like dust, mildew, mold, and pollen. It works like a charm for smoke. In a 10 x 10 smoke filled room it will remove all the smoke and smell in a matter of minutes. If you have the dough then I would definately recommend getting one of these. It's expensive though but well worth it when you wake up without sniffling. They have miniature ones too!
  19. Yeah, no problem, glad to help you out there, I wish I could be as forward about it with my rents but they flip out about these type things, there all tight on all my actions, If your still unsure of yourself, wait until the child is around 14 or 15 to tell them, this should be around the time that they get into this time, and if you tell them tell them that you want there first time to be with you, that way you have some control over what there doing and making sure there not doin nothing else, and hey maybe they can become a fellow toker. I dunno if I put that earlier but thought i'de say it now, well I gtg c ya
  20. I dunno, I think 10 might be a little young for a kid to comprehend the big picture.
    And we've all heard the horror stories of kids unknowingly turning in their parents when the DARE nazis interrogate them.
    If he catches you, you might have to explain it, but otherwise I would wait a few years until he's matured a little more.
    Good luck stonygurl.

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