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Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Aug 20, 2008.

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    alright, i got a clover tattoo'd on the left side of my neck... lately i've been thinkin it just looks too plain, and the center of it is hollowed out, so i was thinkin i should get irish flag colors tattoo'd inside of the hollow part so it looks a little more solid and shows more of the true meaning why i have it (since i'm mostly irish)

    heres what it looks like now... u think i should leave it as is, or get it colored in with green/white/orange


    i also think i need to get somethin else tattoo'd on my neck maybe down from it a lil towards my throat a lil more.. cuz its kinda lonely lookin, man, gettin a tat near the throat sure would hurt like a motherfucker, but i think it would look alot better

    then again, i suppose if i have too many tat's i cant cover up that arent "pleasant" it could fuck me from gettin an easy job, since i kinda wanna be a clinical psychologist n help teenagers/young adults (early 20's) with drug/emotional/home problems "when i grow up" haha, then again honestly i dunno how an employer would think of it, but i think a teenage kid would probably be more open to a therapist who doesnt seem like a "shrink" and has tats u know?
  2. the kid would feel more open indeed...the manager though im not sure...

    i think its the way it needs to be. fillin' it would make too much ....

    maybe if you'd fill it with the colors but not as a flag inside but like the clover has the colors..erm...i hope you understod what i just said..
  3. it looks pretty chill, its a toss up wether to fill it in or not, i personally dont know about the location either.
    overall ill say 7/10
  4. personally, id finish it with something darker in the middle.
  5. I dont mean to be a dick, but why dont you save that money so you can at least TRY to support yourself. Spending it on stupid shit wont get you out of your gramps house.
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