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  1. I'm wondering about all of your opinions on supernatural entities, and how they interact with humans. Do you think they live among us, quiet as a mouse except for a few squeaks and scratches? Or do you think they reside in another dimension, which sometimes "collides" with ours and produces their physical manifestation?

    I personally believe that I am watched by hundreds of quiet entities every day. Sometimes I get the blatant proof I need to keep believing that they are always there. This morning, it was just me and the cat, and I was laying in bed. I have a drumset at the foot of my bed. I was awakened by the constant ring of a crash cymbal like someone was riding it steadily. It went on for 15 or so seconds, and then I sat up and looked at it and it faded off quickly.

    Other times it's alot more undeniable. Like when a certain streetlight clicks off every time I walk by it, and clicks on after I've tried to talk to it. Or when a door just unlatches and swings open gracefully, complete with the knob sounds. It does it several times until you put a piece of tape over the door, which somehow causes it to stay closed until you open it again.

    I'm a vagabond. I've lived in six different places since January, but the one thing that remains constant is what happens and can't be explained. What do you think?
  2. I think there is no such thing.

    I think it's a form of modern day mythology; based on fallacious logic, a lack of critical thinking abilities and a general ignorance about science.

    The human mind see's patter where none actually exist at all. We have standards of evidence and evaluation to help us sort out reality and fantasy.

    [SIZE=+1]A mind is fundamentally an anticipator, an expectation-generator. It mines the present for clues, which it refines with the help of materials it has saved from the past, turning them into anticipations of the future. And then it acts, rationally, on the basis of those hard-won anticipations.
    - Daniel Dennett

    And when you mix in biases and predispositions for things like ghosts, aliens and general pseudoscience, then you can come to some bizarre, although convincing conclusions.
  3. I don't believe in the supernatural because there is no objective scientific evidence to support it. The supernatural is based on eyewitness accounts which are a very weak form of evidence. Just look at all of the convictions based on eyewitness accounts that are being overturned by modern science. I agree with RM, the mind fools itself. Im sure there is stuff going on that we do not know about but it is all yet to be explained natural phenomenon, it is not ghosts.
  4. I'm too busy understanding reality to waste time on what is not real :)
  5. Concise is thy name, o' Zylark.
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