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  1. So my mom just came into my room asking if I'm still smoking weed and if i still have some stashed and i said no because she would end up taking it. well i denied it and i don't know if this was a warning or she is just trying to scare me but she was telling me that to watch my back because i shouldn't be surprised if my dad hires someone to follow me around to see if I'm still smoking and stuff and that my dad might have a drug dog come search the house. should i believe them? or is my mom bluffin hard?

    my parents both see weed as bad because they're from mexico so all they think about when the think of weed is the cartels and crap. my mom also asked me if I'm willing to talk to a "professional" about how marijuana is bad for you. so how should i prepare myself for this debate? i know that granny thread has just about everything i need but is there anything else?
  2. lol seriously man

    you are 18.... tell them if they really have an issue you will move out and let them live their lives in ignorance

    hiring a PI to follow you would be expensive, and the drug dog thing is a fucking joke, it doesnt work that way lol....
  3. Light up in front of her and say "WHERE'S YOUR PROFESSIONAL NOW, BITCH?!" and blow smoke in her face. Then wait to see if your father's private investigator sends him photos of the event. If he doesn't hear about it, you're probably in the clear.
  4. you know what i think...?


    that's what i think. :smoke:

  5. im 21 lol
    im kinda milking it tho don't want leave just yet.

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