What do you guys think of these grow lights???

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  1. New grower I am currently using 3 led grow lights that only pull 9 watts each. Two are veg and flower and the other one is just for vegging. I leave my plants outside to save energy during the day and use the lights when the suns sets. They only get about 3 hours of darkness. I also have a 450 led light i bought of amazon, should be here pretty soon and i will be using that as my main and the other lights for side lighting...and the strip light for in between my two plants. If you guys would not mind and check out these lights and tell me what you think. I just need to start leaving mine inside due to them being pretty noticeably not tomato plants ;). Here is the 450 watt i have coming
    here are the two 9 watt flood lights-https://www.menards.com/main/electrical/light-bulbs/fluorescent-light-bulbs/feit-electric-non-dimmable-br30-led-plant-grow-light/p-1444430396896-c-7478.htm?tid=4130562660836556751&ipos=3
    and here is the single strip veg led i am using-https://www.menards.com/main/lighting-ceiling-fans/indoor-lighting/accent-lighting/accent-lights/patriot-lighting-reg-led-white-plug-in-grow-light-for-vegetative-stage/p-1465526284665-c-7490.htm?tid=4130562660836556751&ipos=8
    like i said earlier i have only been using the three 9 watts and natural lighting. Spread some expertise guys. Thanks!!!
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  2. I think with led, cheap is not the way to go. It's the new up and coming technology for just all lighting needs, but the price is there still until there's more competition and all that. Not sure about that 450w it seems cheap. I bought my 220w led and paid 500 bucks. It's the solar storm bloombooster just for flowering. That also have the veg master and a full cycle spectrum edition.
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  3. Also id check out unit farm UFO 80 lights. Decent price and I believe it's a very good light
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  4. There's also no specs about that light
  5. Save some money, buy a timber. I went over to COB, and im loving it!!

    Timber Grow Lights
  6. Yeah i knew it wasnt the best but i felt that with my other 3 leds it would be okay for just 2 pm cheese plants. I read the reviews and many were using it for cannibis grow and their plants looked healthy and since this is my first time i figured why not. But you guys think its a waste? I did plan on buying better one on my third grow was going to do two with these while i saved up money to make my shed into a grow room. Currently im just using my closet that i painted bright white and its only a 2wx4lx8h. So i had hoped this would be sufficient. And idk if it helps but the light is orig arpund 300 i held of but when i seen it go on sale i jumped on it
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  7. This is how they look but then again they get about 10 hours of natural light and then i take them inside and they get about 12 hours with the leds so i truly dont know how well theyll do just on the leds and to me they 20170707_174025.jpg
    Kinda need pruned just too scared to do anything but top them which i did about two weeks ago
  8. Viparspectra is a great light, you won't be disappointed. I'm not an indoor grower but was able to pull half a P with the 450.

    I wouldn't call it a cheap light more as a budget led at really good price point for what it can do
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  9. Could have got a real nice CoB for that kind of cash 220w for 500! No way.
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    Very nice kits but nobody is saving money buying a timber kit. You can build these kits for a fraction of their cost.
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  11. Thats what i was thinking. Granted leds are still kinda new i do feel they have been around long enough to be pretty efficient and i know some companies just jack the price up knowing if they say perfect for cannibus they can get extra mulah. I just dont see how they can/would charge 500 for a 200 watt led. Seems way extreme. Taking advantage of us??
  12. Absolutely NOT a waste. I bet you'll enjoy using it. I've got a buddy using the 300w (150w at the wall?) GalaxyHydro lights he bought off of Amazon for $79. each and they're definitely treating him right - at least in Veg. I haven't seen them flowering plants yet but his plants look great to me for $79. lights!

    So I think he's just got a T5 in the pic but these were vegged under $79. lights in homemade organic soil. No additional bottled nutrients added - just tap water.


    So yeah, I bet you'll enjoy the 450 Viparspectra.

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  13. Again - yes yes and yes.

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  14. Yall using anything to contain the smell. Currently in veg and my closet is smelling prettt good already. Didnt know how urs was
  15. I don't think it's a crazy price. Yes expensive. But it should yeild as much as a 400 hps easy and also saves electricity and has a ten year warranty. Theres also led that are 25w that cost 177$ . Think about you get what you pay for. If youre going to put money into your electric bill, nutes, and time into your plants I want to be sure I have the best possible lighting. And it'll pay for itself in one good harvest. Maybe not this one since it's my first grow and did no topping. But next one... Pshh 500 is nothing when you're talking about your babies life and environment
  16. It also has its own internal fan and glass cover over the lights
  17. And I couldn't tell you if it was a waste. You said what your game plan is though including saving up and all that and it sounds good. Keep doing what you're doing. Keep us posted on how it works and what it's really like. Because like I said. There was no specs for it. It's like you're buying a picture.
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  18. Sure there was. You just need to scroll halfway down the page.

    Welcome to the next generation of VIPARSPECTRA “Reflector Style” V450 LED Grow Light, with full spectrum layout, reflector design and upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks, is ideal for all kinds of indoor plants veg and flower at all growth stages.

    - VIPARSPECTRA Spectrum has been developed by indoor growers over many years of careful experimentation and testing. With this light, you will see an increase in quality by growing bigger flowers that are dense and completely coated in resin.

    - VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series are scientifically engineered to keep the balance with high PAR/Lumen and suitable Coverage. This design will not far too concentrated in the middle of the growing area which results in stunted plant growth and sunburning.

    - With revolutionary aluminum cooling heat sinks and high speed quite cooling fans, run 70% cooler than (HID) lights.

    - Replaces a 400 watt HPS/MH
    - Dimensions: 15.8x8.4x2.4 inches
    - Item Weight: 6.4 lbs
    - Use for all stages of plant growth
    - Max Coverage at 24" Height 3.5x3.5ft
    - Core Coverage at 24" Height 2.5x2.5ft
    - Avg. Power Draw: 200watt
    - (90pcs) High Intensity 5Watt Bridgelux/Epileds LED Chips
    - LEDs Angle: 90°
    - Input Voltage: AC100-240V
    - Frequency: 50-60Hz
    - Lifespan: 100,000 hours

    Package includes:
    · 1 x Reflector 450W
    · 1 x Hanging Kits
    · 1 x 6ft Power Cord(US Standard 110V grounded 3 prong plug)

    Attention please:
    - Extremely bright, do not look directly at the LED bulbs when the light is working.
    - Indoor use only, not water-proof.
    - No extra ballast is needed.
    - Can be controlled by Timer."

    I do not, however see watts at the wall, or any more in depth specs than this but I'd imagine it'd be pretty easy to obtain them at the main website.

    Edit: here - VIPARSPECTRA V450 LED Grow Light_LED Grow Light_VIPARSPECTRA

    It does say it uses 200watts and is $139.

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  19. I don't personally because I live on a dead end road in rural Maine in which Cannabis is legal recreationally anyhow, but many do use exhaust fans (which should be used no matter what) connected to charcoal scrubber units. Your area WILL smell if you don't.

  20. Go to YouTube and watch a channel called Review It 101. He compares most of the budget LEDs PAR and actual draw so you can see what you're really getting.

    Personally I bought two Meizhi 600w because the PAR was higher than the 600w Vipar and the spectrum was slightly more in the red. Crappy warranty though to be fair.

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