what do you guys think of these boots? which one would you buy? some girls vantage pt

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    looking for a new pair of boots and just looking for some outside advice on which pair to get.




    just post the picture of which one you like. or if you owe or know a pair that aren't too much money you think i'd like just that pic or whatever.
  2. Personally I like the second or the last dude.
  3. The third pair are pretty hot.
  4. Third pair is pretty dope looking
  5. can i get a few more ideas? i've narrowed it down to 3 and i just want some other advice because i love all three and if i had the money would just get all of them..
  6. I like the first pair. The last two look too fashiony for me.
  7. The first ones are the most manly to me, but if you're going for fashionable over manly than I would pick the third pair.
  8. cool yeah i think i'mma go with the first one
  9. The first ones are quality, lovin that lil zipper up the side
  10. Those don't look like they have steel toes. Real men have steel toes. :cool:

    I dig the first pair, but I'd wear the third pair too.
  11. I'd go with the first pair.
  12. hell yeah man i love that style of boots. so eay to slip on off and just be comfy while easily be able to zip up if you got shit to do or whatever.

    well i don't need any reason to get steel toe haha otherwise i would

    but thanks guys i went wiht the first pair. just ordered em a lil earlier before i took a nap

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