What do you guys think of my tent grow? Week 4 flower

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Canna-Copia, Oct 24, 2016.

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  2. this is ganngsta as fuck

    nice operation brother
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  3. What size tent and any more info you can share I would really appreciate it I'm thinking of staring a tent set up also
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  4. My tent is 4x4 feet. I got it for 60 bucks on Amazon. It leaks light a little but I have it in a dark room so it doesn't really matter. I have two critical sensi star, 1 mother tongue, and 1 sour cherry. I started these plants under a 300w Apollo led panel and I was satisfied with their growth during veg. I switched them to a 1000 watt hps for flower. I have been using fox farm's nutrients, just the main 3 grow big, big bloom, and tiger shit or whatever. The hood for the hps is ventilated so I run a fan through the hood and out of the tent to keep temp down.

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  5. One of the clones I have has alternating nodes. I think it was taken while its mother was in flower. Idk, it didn't respond well when I topped it and it's not producing very much bud. The bud it does have however smells amazing, I wish it wasn't a shity clone.

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  6. I don't understand the picture of the schwaggy looking varieties...

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  7. Haha, sorry about the picture of the swag, I accidentally added that picture. The picture of the swag is from Hight times in the 70s of the top 20 strains. It's funny that that was the best weed in the 70s, never let baby boomers tell you weed was stronger in their days lol . I agree I grew these plants too tall in retrospect. I topped these plants very late and they were too tall I think. I'm using seeds next time around and I think I will mainline them. I've had a hard time keeping humidity up in the grow tent under hps. Idk why but I think grass city took the picture down of blondie :(. I'll post more Pics
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  8. Her pic is still there. We the growers request more pics

    Check out my first grow.
    https://forum.grasscity.com/index.p...x6'-tent+-Newbie=what-could-go-wrong?.1420015. Sent from my magical device that provide bud pictures and hot girls
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  9. Nice looking grow man. I also have a sensi star I got from a friend not sure the origin. Supposed to be strong indica.
  10. Nice! your making me think I should run less plants now that I'm going back to photo periods. I've got a 7x8x4 tent.
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