What do you guys think, is this car a steal?

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  1. Sup, blades. Been looking for a new, cheap char to take with me to Uni. Something that'll last about 3-4 years. Came across a 94 Stang' with about 130,000 miles (210,000 KM) on it.

    It actually comes e-tested and certified, so I know everything is in working order. Next to no rust, and they're asking 1900.. (Can probably haggle down to 1700 or so)..

    Anyway, here's a link for some pics

    1994 Ford Mustang V6 3.8L Coupe - Barrie Cars For Sale - Kijiji Barrie Canada.

    It's cheap enough that I can customize it as I see fit; Hood scoop, new spoiler, custom dash kit, seat covers, steering wheel cover, etc, and actually raise the value, so when I do re-sell the depreciation will more than likely be made up for by the upgrades I've done.

    Another reason; Ford parts are incredibly cheap & readily available where I'm from.

    Thoughts? Good deal?

  2. Having worked in a Ford garage for the past 3 years, I would suggest looking elsewhere.

    Any older mustang (MAINLY the v6's) with over 100K are junk. Too many things start to go wrong with them.

    Also, don't "customize" a v6... that will only create laughter, considering they are extremely slow.

    If you could find a V8, I'd go for it.. as they are pretty much bulletproof when it comes to the engine.
  3. Thanks for the quick response man, 'preciate it!

    I don't really care about speed. Just looks. Yeah, I'm one of "THOSE" guys. Haha. :hello:

    V8 would be nice, but wouldn't it guzzle gas like no other? V6 is pretty bad as is.

    Anyway; bottom line you think it has too many miles on it to last 3-4 years without any significant repairs?

  4. Well you would need someone to look over it.

    There's a lot of things that can be "covered up" only to be revealed within a few thousand miles.. things such as the rear-end, suspension, valve covers.. the list goes on and on.

    It's so hard to tell because if you take it for a ride, with that age and miles, it will vibrate pretty much no matter what, so it's damn near impossible to see if there's any major things wrong with it.

    How many miles per year do you plan on putting on this? That's the big thing. You'll want to sell it before it hits 150K-160K.. because it will be almost worthless at that point, ya know?
  5. Not really.
  6. My first year I'm staying local, so I'd say about 5000 miles?

    My next four I'll be living on-campus for the most part, but traveling to and from Uni 4-5 times per year. So, probably a little over 5000..
  7. Yeah really. Top of my budget is $4000.

    I can easily do all mentioned for $1000.

  8. The hood alone would be over a $1000, to be honest.

    Your best bet is to just spend $3500 on a "decent" car (even that low of an amount won't buy you a whole lot).

    I'm not sure if you're buying this for the 'cool' factor, but this won't get you chicks.. I can assure you.

    Most of the 'stangs this age and with this mileage sound like they have a rod knock... it won't last long.

    Do yourself a favor and buy a reliable car. This is coming from someone who bleeds Ford.
  9. Cheap modifications will not increase the value by any significant figure because they're precisely that—cheap modifications. Not to mention that, after all is said and done, it's still just a high-mileage V6 Mustang.

  10. He was saying when you sell it you won't break even just because of some cosmetic additions you made.. A spoiler a hood scoop and some seat covers won't outweigh 4 years of use !
  11. You can buy a universal scoop for like 80 bucks. Paint & install it yourself, $100 grand total.

    I don't really care about "getting chicks", in a happy relationship as we speak. I'd just like to have a decent looking car, is all.

    I'm gonna try & arrange a meet-up with the owner, go for a test drive. If there's no unusual noises, would you advise towards it, or stick with your original opinion?
  12. Of course they won't, but the additions I make will more than likely pay for themselves.

    I by no means expect to break even :rolleyes:

  13. You said the value of your work done on the car would "more than likely" weigh out the depreciation, meaning you would break even :rolleyes:

  14. Well the hoodscoop is a laughable option, to be honest. The Lund "Stick on" non-functional hoodscoops lower the value, rather than add too it (think about it.. it's putting adhesive on the hood.. once it's been on the for a year and you take it off, there will be the outline due to the paint fading. You're betting off buying a new hood or leaving it as is.

    If it runs good, I mean it's your decision. I've seen enough older mustangs come through the shop to know not to buy them, especially V6's.. but if thats what you want, then get it.

    I just have a feeling you'll regret it, it's not exactly the car I think you're picturing in your mind.
  15. My mistake, didn't word it properly. You get what I mean though, right? :wave:
  16. Alright, thanks a lot man. I'll definitely weigh in your advice before I make a decision.

    'Preciate it :wave:
  17. If you want any indication of how vehicles depreciate... I bought my '02 5.4L F150 last year with 75K on it for $9,000.

    I put Dynomax exhaust, $1200 33" BFG All terrains, 5% tint on the back windows, K&N CAI, window rain guards, a $1500 hard tonneau cover painted to match the truck, replaced the DPFE sensor, all new plugs, all new coils, new 4x4 actuator, new rear end .. and if I sold it today, with 101K on it, I would get about $7500-$8 for it.. that's after I put about $4000 into it. :laughing:

    Vehicles are money pits that just keep taking. :p

  18. Now I do, yep :p good luck with whatever you end up deciding!
  19. Have you considered a civic? I mean, you are already wanting to do cosmetic enhancements on a v6 stang, so why not consider doing them on a civic instead? At least with the civic, if you can find decent one (which, for your price range I am sure you can) they will last you a shit ton longer than the stang. Not to mention they weigh MUCH less than a stang. Also, if you live in a place with snow, you will NOT want to drive that stang around in the winters, even if it is only a V6. Not to mention honda parts are plentiful and dirt cheap. AND, take care of it, and it will last you at least 200K miles+.

    I normally would never suggest buying and ricing out a civic, but you have your mind set on ricing out whatever you get (rice = race inspired cosmetic enhancements), so you might as well do it to the car which will overall give you a better bang for your buck.
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    You should also buy some of those "stick-on" fender accents. Ballin'

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