What Do You Guys Think About This Bong?

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  1. Yes or No? This is a site I found a couple months back and I've watched them grow from there. They have cheap, non-commercial bongs that are actually at least decent quality. It's extremepipes.com, and for those of you guys who like cheap, good quality, durable glass, should check them out! Anyways, back on topic. I have been looking into this bong for a while so I decided I might as well ask for your opinions on it.

    13" Tall, 5mm glass thickness, diffused downstem, 18.8 mm GoG, and a Dome Perc with Ice Catchers as well. It's $75.

  2. I like it. smaller bong's are wicked as is. Smaller bongs with ice catchers are my favourite. :D
  3. Yeah I'm not one for large bongs, no higher than 14".
  4. Seem like a good deal to me

    I payed $80 for my HVY mini straight tube with diffused downstem, no perc and its only about 12" tall. This was at a headshop though.
  5. I had a 6" one back when I lived with my parents, was perfect. Easy to hide, portable, harshest smoke ever tho if you do a larger bowl. Used to just murder my buddys lungs.
  6. That's a pretty good deal, but you could get that mad scientist bong with a perc on gc for like 40$
  7. Yeah I looked into it but it's just weird looking to me, idk. I'm more of a straight tube kinda guy myself.
  8. Looks like a decent piece for $75 man.
  9. Yeah I'm pretty sure this is the one I'm gonna get, thanks for the help blades. :smoke:
  10. No competitor sites..
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    Thanks but I can shop at w/e site I want.
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    its nice but buying from sites like those you cant expect high quality, as long you dont drop it you'll love it :smoking:
  13. What site are you ordering off of? I'm looking into a new bong.
  14. Well most of the glass is at least 5mm according to the site, but either way
    I'm not too clumsy :p
  15. ExtremePipes.com
  16. Awesome bong, go for it.

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