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what do you guys think about mids?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by spleee254, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. mids make me drowsy and lazy.
    dank herb is just a better overall high imo
  2. aunt mary yeah i get what you mean sometimes when i smoke mids its like a gamble sometimes i get a crazy energetic high some times im just good and stoned and sometimes i get the latter followed by a pretty nasty crash or i get tired and lazy so its all based on the paticular bud... i know mids are the best but it sounds crazy but i have come across a few mids ive bought that acually made me as higher if nto higher then heads but its different i cant explain it some of you might know what im talking about or im just a crazy mofo haha but its very rare and its only comparable to the lower strains of heads btw has any1 had mr. nice guy
  3. If youre short on cash try grinding up some mids with your good stash and determine the ratio by how short on cash you are... hehe. theres nothing wrong with mids its fine just remove stems and seeds and youre set.

  4. vice versa, honestly
  5. wow this topic generated alot more info then i thought idk what to think now ahaha i guess its personal pref when it comes down to it
  6. Its all about how much I'm spendin. If I want $10 worth I go for the mids cause its 2-4 grams dependin on low mids or high. People don't even push $10 worth of dank round here. Its only that damn $20 a g bs, and you get the occasional bulk only guy sellin you 1.5 for $20 cause he's nice.

    If I got $50 or more for a sack its gonne be some dank. Any less probably mids.
    I'd rather have a ounce of dank:hello: over 3/4 lb of mids.
  7. You'll see one day.
  8. Nah.. it depends on how you smoke really.. if you smoke outta roors and shit then yea.. i can see how youd want nice dank all day. But when youre strugglin, and fillin up blunts by the boxes.. you buy Os of mediocre herb thatll get you to the same place
  9. Mids Seems like its too much in between, anything not dank a lot of people call mids.

  10. After almost 3 weeks of being dry, i'll take anything.
  11. I'll smoke mids if there's no dank around or if someone offers. Lately i've been getting dank on the regular so i won't be smoking mids for a while.

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