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what do you guys think about mids?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by spleee254, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. i personally smoke headies but money has become an issue for the time being and i may have to start tokin on the mids for a while.... share some experiences you guys have had with mids and your personal opinions on it
  2. Weed is weed bro, cant tell me you've NEVER smoked mid.
  3. haha yeah man i have smoked mids and i personally have had some great times with them i just wanna see what the city has to say about them
  4. Quality over quantity.
  5. Never had experience with mids before. Only dank.
  6. love em, i like the highs more believe it or not. but i also love the occasional sour d or grape ape bowl :smoke:
  7. its what i fill my blunts with.. im not a "pot snob" in any way. even in jersey i can find good bud by my standards that gets me high for 150-170 an o.. not shit you see pics of on here but it gets the job done.. and is great for rollin blunts
  8. Mids are good for if you wanna just chill a bit, or if you really wanna smoke up for a while. When I smoke my dankest herb, I tend to only actually smoke for about 10-15 minutes. But if I feel like hotboxing something or hitting the bong for a while, I'll buy some mids, so then I can enjoy the whole experience and still get pretty high.

    Also, pricewise, they're not bad.

    Though you should definitely remember that if you're just looking to get fucked out of your mind? Quality over quantity, for sure.
  9. rude boy you def got it right also it seems to me it depends on the setting and with me whebn i smoke mids i get a more sterotypical high if that makes sense i laugh more and stuff like that but there are times where i also get stoned like from heads just takes more
  10. I've never really bought mids, but as far as I know dank will give you more bang for your buck. Obviously mids has its place, like Rude_Boy said. However, if your goal is to just get high, you probably would be better off smoking smaller quantities of dank rather than large quantities of mids.
  11. With large groups of people mids is the best.
    When its me and a few others and I wanna get blazed as hell dank is the best.
    Generally I buy dank more, but occasionally I'll pick up a quarter of mids :smoke:
  12. I used to be something of a dank snob, but lately I have been buying mids occasionally.

    Two reasons:
    One, I like to roll joints once in a while and despite smoking almost every day, a full joint of the dank that I buy really puts me on my ass.
    And two, when I'm smoking in a group, or at a party and I'm the only one throwing down, it's just easier to part with the mids.
  13. I feel like mids are equivelent to drinking really shitty cheap beer. Yeah I used to do it when I was kid. It was cheap and I could handle the taste. However, when I found good beer it was difficult to revert back to the cheap beer even though it was much cheaper because good beer has a higher alcohol content (I have to drink less to get drunk) and it tastes so so much better.
    So basically, I feel like you age out of mids and they are pretty much reserved for youngens'
  14. I smoke [high] mid all day because it's affordable and gets me a decent high because I like to smoke blunts back to back.

    Love loading up some dank nugs in the bowls though.
  15. True but, bud over no bud.
  16. my take on mids vs.'s weed, smoke it:smoking:
  17. wow so many mixed things about mids haha i totally agree that mids is kinda what you start with and since i smoke heads all the time it really wont be the same but i have a question see an 8th of heads goes for about 60 ish round here and an 8th is only 3.5 grams how long do you think you guys could make that go for without lighting a blunt using a bowl or bong
  18. I personally am all quality vs quanity but i can understand a tight situation and will not judge :)
  19. I mostly buy mids. I have bought dank on a few occasions but it's very rare.
  20. 3.5 days, i smoke about a gram a day roughly

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