what do you guys think about dippin?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by mbleezy, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. Well i tried the grizzly pouches the other day and there alright once in a while but i was wondering what you guys think about it, and how many of you guys have done it before?
  2. Well it's definately good to know what your getting into before you get too deep.

    I started about 5 months ago, my first time was amazing, I coulnd't walk a straight line, buzzed of my ass.

    Now after 5 months of daily use, I do get a buzz, but NOTHING compared to my first few weeks.

    I've dipped Grizzly Wintergreen, and Grizzly Natural both Long cut.

    Just know that Grizzly is the cheapest, but generally the strongest.

    I'ts a fun habit, I'm just scared I"ll let it get out of hand, I love the buzz, love the taste (On occasion) and it's something that keeps me from doing drugs on my probation period.
  3. yeah i only do it sometimes when i get bored, it really relaxes me when i am really stressed. Plus it is way cheaper than pretty much anything else that will give you a nice buzz haha
  4. The first rush is AMAZING. It is nuts. Anyone whose had a big lipper for the first time knows what I'm talking about it. Although the nicotine feels awesome, I think the shit is kind of nasty... I don't smoke cigarettes, and I'm not a big fan of tobacco. So yeah, I would dip for sure if someone offered it to me, but I'm not gonna go out and buy a tin.

    There's nothing better than sitting in the back of class feeling the stimulant rush through your blood. =]
  5. yeah i never bought any i just get one off my friend every once and a while but i dont think i could go anywhere because i would be stumblin everyhwere haha
  6. When the rush hit me I had to lean back against a table as I felt a crazy rush... Like if I tried to walk I would stumble over. It is a different feeling than caffeine, amphetamines, ephedrine, ect... But yeah, if someone pulled out a tin I would get some fo sho :cool:
  7. I tried it a couple times and didn't like it one bit.
  8. I do it on the baseball field, that's about it. I'm not a big tobacco guy.
  9. I hear all this talk about getting such a rush from it and I get jealous :[

    Ive been doing it for so long I barely get a buzz anymore, it's getting pointless. I think i'm going to quit soon.
  10. just take a break for a couple weeks than try it
  11. i always get Nauseas when i dip idk why i dont htink i swallow it, iveonly done it 5 - 6 times but every time ive needed food to keep me from puking

  12. 5-6 times close to each other? Or spread out?

    Alot of people get nauseous their first time or two, but I don't really know any that get it past that.

    I figure that if you've done it 5-6 times over a year, with enough time in between your tolerance would reset at 0.
  13. i just put two pouches in and its hard to type, but do any of you get alittle woozy in the stomach sometimes when you do it?
  14. ugh, I fuckin hate dip man. Shit is all nasty, gets stuck in your teeth... UGH. I used to dip, but eventually I came to my senses and quit that bullshit. Id rather smoke cigarettes.
  15. Used to dip-shit in highschool a w.hile back, good shit, peach skoal and that new citrus was ridiculous. I would never do that shit in public, the ladies dont like that shit just smoke a square or nothin
  16. No judgment from me, but as a female I would never date a guy who dipped. It is seriously one of the grossest habits ever.
  17. see what i mean its the type a thing you do in a locker room or bathroom ya dig
  18. Peach Skoal

    Enough said.
  19. yeah i have never done it around any girls, and like i said i rarely do it anyway...just when i got REAL bored haha
  20. I tried those griz pouches, no bueno. Pouches just don't pack the punch. I've gone through two can of mint griz and still have a few pouches left. Yeah I love my mint griz

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