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what do you guys think about arcrylic bongs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sgarc3, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. thyr pretty good. nothing compared to glass on glass but they get u high as fuck fer sure.
  2. Meh they are good for the newbie toker, but I much prefer glass. I used to own an acrylic, back when I first started.
  3. Why even consider smoking out of acrylic when you could get a cheap ass glass bong?
  4. Glass is much better, but obviously an acrylic works just as good if thats all you can get. A glass bong will just have better quality of smoke. Its nice to have an acrylic laying around even if youve got glass just so you know youve got a reliable bong that you will never break unless you are handicapped lol
  5. Acrylic is good for someone if your toking tools are going to go through hell and back. you can throw that shit into the trunk and not worry about it. but glass is mych classier
  6. Acryllic bongs are cheaper, not doubt. They're also really durable and very hard to break. I guess the con's are that it's acryllic, thus a plasticy feel and they smell like plastic and once you smoke out of it it smells like weed for eternity. Glass is nicer but both get you equally high IMO.
  7. that shit will not break.
  8. i have one its a piece of shit so i bout a glass one for a couple more bucks
  9. I debated the same thing when I bought my first bong a couple years ago. Trust me... spend a little extra cash and get a decent glass piece. You won't regret it. I initially thought about going cheap, but ended up springing $70 for a 20-inch, glass bong with an ice catcher that I still love and use to this day. Now the thought of buying an acrylic seems silly to me.
  10. i would rather smoke from a dry pipe than an acrylic bong...
  11. #12 kushalldaykush, Mar 10, 2012
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    glass is obviously better but theres nothing wrong with acrylic, its cheap and as long as you keep it clean it hits nice
  12. Don't clean then with alcohol and salt. They explode hahahaha I watched my two friends do it. It cracked and got in their eyes nd shit
  13. haha you ever done it? I have and its quite harsh, my friend was really drunk talking about how good it was, it was truely a hilarious smoking moment I will never forget as he was trying to convince another friend to hit it again.

  14. I meant like a spoon bowl or something like that.
  15. they work and all but just get glass man. acrylic gets to be a sort of eh... shouldve got something else kinda feeling after awhile
  16. I use some fat ass glass pieces. I still use a acrylic from time to time. Works great. Better for partying and camping and being out in nature and shit.

    They may not look as cool as glass pieces, but they are durable as hell. They definitely serve their purpose.
  17. You know what OP? All these guys who say acrylic sucks, don't listen to em, acrylics are badass.
  18. will acrylic melt? I've got a glass bong, but an acrylic pipe.

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