What do you guys make of urban dictionary's definition of 'stoner' ?

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    How do you guys feel about this? I for one agree with it. I think weed is awesome in many ways but a lot of us (let's be honest) abuse the hell out of it and use it as a crutch in order to make the world seem beautiful and make the real seem unimportant. I for one use it as a crutch in order to cope with my anger problems. I've got a mild form of intermittent explosive disorder (mild because I smoke so much weed) and I would probably be in jail right now if it wasn't for the copious amounts of weed I've smoked.

    However, I know my lifestyle prevents me from getting the best in life and I need to change it. I have become a definitive 'stoner' smoking all his life and his money away. I don't blame weed for this, only myself. People say its easy to quit and it has no withdrawals, well those people are speaking out their arse. There are plenty of withdrawals and if the habit is deeply ingrained in ones life then it is extremely hard to suddenly up and make instant permanent changes that encompass every area of ones life.

    I would love to be able to be an occasional toker, but unfortunately the desire to be perma-stoned is extremely strong. Almost everything is a trigger for me, even the green traffic lights. The mere sound of a Bob Marley's voice is enough to have me dashing for the nearest spliff.

    I'm 21 and need to become an occasional toker or just quit indefinitely, because this way of life is not the best way. Getting stoned is lovely and comfortably like slipping into a nice hot bath on a cold day. But the trouble is, one you're in there you never want to leave that bath because you know how harsh the cold will initially be.

  2. I have a girlfriend, multiple hobbies and work steadily even though it's not a 'job'? :shrugs:
  3. There is some truth that a lot of stoners dont do shit and i have seen that from personal experience but there are successful ones too
  4. Lol can you put 'drug dealing' on your resume when you decide you want a job or a state pension? No one told me that. :eek:
  5. That's ignorant

  6. Lol I thought you might react like that :rolleyes:
  7. Im too lazy to do anything about it ... Seems spot on ... Jk jk
  8. I am outraged. Because Urban Dictionary is where I go to get all my information. So upsetting to see this.
  9. Straight-edge people are boring, predictable, judgmental and abrasive to people outside their own experience... Look, I can generalize too!
  10. There's no point in elaborating after the first sentence.
  11. Plus all your answers suck. Everyone except the very last one agrees with the definition.
  12. These sorta things condescend onto medicinal patients in a way.
    I have to be high 24/7 or else a risk of suicidal depression will take over, naseau will hit hard, insomnia will linger, migranes will fuck me, rls will torture me, my joint will lock in place, panic attacks, social anxiety will flair up, depersonalization will set in.... etc.
  13. I'm a productive stoner an like to bake an take care of my stuff AKA multitasking
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    And you think smoking weed all day every day will solve your problems? Come on. How about a change in lifestyle and learning to face the world for what it is. Stop thinking of yourself as a victim who needs his medicine in order to survive. Sorry if I seem harsh, but everyone has a sob story and anyone can become loose at the seems so to speak. But if you genuinely think of yourself as a 'sick patient' as many potheads with mmj cards have convinced themselves, shame on you.

    I've had suicidal depression myself and know of all the symptoms you describe, believe me. Since my mum killed herself last year I've ran from my problems and choked them in a cloud of green smog, as you do.

    Up till the end of June I was in an awful way, feeling all the things you describe. I was also doing NOTHING to change my situation. Eating shit and doing no exercise or doing anything you have. At one point I could barely walk down the street with my head lifted up. I couldn't talk to women or deal with 'respectable' people. I saw myself as extremely low worth and convinced myself I had to be perma stoned, or else.meaningful or productive.

    You need to get yourself in top physical shape, the same as a lion in the jungle. ANY male is gonna feel a deep shame and sense of depression unless they are physically capable of imposing their will or escaping from a dangerous situation. I'm guessing you're less than a chiseled beast. Change up your diet and find a hobby like boxing or a sport that requires you to stay fit. Lift weights and do pressups, sit ups, squats etc. Go running and just generally make working out and eating well a habit. You'll feel a MILLION times better about yourself and will be able to stride down the street with pride. Better yet you won't need to be constantly fried out your skull in order to to feel good about yourself.

    Search inside yourself and find out what you TRULY value in life and maybe the reason why you are unhappy will become more clear.

    I'm not telling you to quit weed. I wouldn't dream of telling some random stranger over the internet what to do with their lives. All I'm saying is that you don't need 'medicating' as much as you think. Humans are magnificent creatures born who are born with all the tools they need to function effectively. An endless stream of spliffs is certainly not one of those tools, no matter how tasty the bud is.
  15. Honestly if you agree with that as a whole please kindly gtfo...
  16. So much condescension from you, man.
    First of all, I have not "convinced" myself that I am sick. As a child I was in and out of the hospital. Before ever even thinkin about cannabis at all. I had a healthy diet growing up as well. The manic depression and disassociative personality disorder flourished in my early teens.
    I actually do work out. I eat healthy and am taking vitamins, go to acupuncture, do yoga and meditate. Drink nothing but water.
    Manic depression is something you can't escape, it is a forever fluctauting chemical inbalance and it fucks you. Fucks you like a dirty little whore. Its rape. Loss is one thing, and I've had my fair share of loss along with this.
    If I didn't have the therapudic effects of cannabis to aid me in bettering myself, I would not be alive right now.
    Get off your high horse, bro. And look within yourself for a change.

  17. This man has real illnesses that marijuana clearly helps him endure and you're telling him that he he doesn't need it as much as he thinks he does? Are you a doctor? Have you examined him and diagnosed him?

    Come on, now.

    As for the OP: Yeah, of course the characteristics that he listed are present in some stoners, but certainly not 95%. That's just outrageous. I personally don't do or say much of what he claimed most stoners do so I can't be too offended.

  18. Well fair play to you then in your case you are much better off smoking a bit of 'old toby' than you are doped out on barbiturates. Bi polar is a foul demon, and I know all too well how it takes over ones life. I wish the best of luck to you my man.

    I am sorry I condescended you too. There are so many cheech and chong style potheads with MMJ cards that it's easy to forget that there are actually some people who genuinely need it to improve their quality of life.
  19. Oh, yes! The recreational 420 community really causes a lot of stigma and descrimination. I've seen way too much of that, especially since I discovered this medication in what's seen as an "early age." May just be GC, but I really do appreciate that. Thanks, man.
  20. My friends Dad was and still kinda a huge stoner and now he is making good money.

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