What do you guys listen to while smoking?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Tokemyfolk, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. I personally listen to mambo no.5 on repeat.
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  2. Whatever happens to be on at the time:rolleyes:
    No, really - I like good old '70's Progressive Rock

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  3. I listen to A LOT of Gorillaz when I'm stoned. Totally on my brain's wavelength :love-m3j:
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  4. I was listening to Kendrick's new album "DAMN." today and it is seriously the chilliest album to sit and smoke to, it flows like a river, amazing.
  5. Jazz, easy listening and whatever I'm in the mood for.
  6. Black metal. Doesn't matter if I'm smoking or not, there is a good chance I'm listening to black metal. If not, then I am probably listening to black/thrash or black/death or proto-black metal.

    I also dig synthwave and synthpop.

    Here, have some black metal!
  7. Pink Floyd all the time. No weed without The Wall or Dark Side of the Moon.

    Otherwise, I celebrated 4/20 '16 with my mates with this masterpiece on repeat for an hour and still do once in a while:
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  8. Depends on what I'm doing really. I love to longboard and toke, so when I'm out doing that I usually listen to what I normally listen to when im sober which is pop punk. Bands like The Story So Far and Man Overboard. If I'm chilling in my bedroom, then i usually resort to chillstep or some high quality electronic/EDM like Porter Robinson or black metal, melodic or tech. death metal (kinda opposite ends of the spectrum i know). However, the one artist I can listen to no matter what I'm doing is Wiz Khalifa. His music is surprisingly relatable for someone who mostly raps about how much he smokes weed and how much money he has. My favorite albums would be flight school and rolling papers, and my favorite mixtape is kush and oj. I guess I just really connect with him because I grew up hearing his songs on the radio and being in high school his music is almost like the background to my life. Black and yellow used to be my ringtone (back when people used those lmao) on my slide out keyboard cell phone for all of 6th grade. Albums like flight school and the kush and oj mixtape just bring me so much nostalgia, they all have this underlying feel of a typical late 2000s hip hop album. Kinda hard to explain, but I just love Wiz lmao.

  9. This is the good stuff to listen to stoned.

    The B Foundation are a really good band almost like Sublime but their own style, with very handy guitar work.
  10. I listen to a rapper called Canibus , hes Eminems arch nemesis and hes a very intelligent person.
  11. Been listening to zeppelins 'the ocean' lately

    'Too blessed to be stressed'
  12. It used to be mandatory to listen to bone thungs when smoking and or any other weed songs lol. Now a days it's just whatever is chill...
  13. OOOOOOOO and this you hadddddd to watch when KaZaA just came out we found this and it's fucking hillarious...

  14. I like to listen to some indie rock or if I'm really stoned a nice vaporwave or chillwave mix is pretty nice.
  15. O Green World....:pimp:
  16. many genres. today i was listening to early 90s hip hop
  17. I like to listen a lot of (hed)PE. But I'll listen to other hard rock and metal bands. But I love me some hed.

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