What do you guys expect from GTA 5?

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  1. What do you guys expect from it?.Dogs Having Kids buying your own house?
    If you crash in a building il get damage?
    What do you guys think or expect from it?
  2. country side is a must, cruising around in a dune buggy was sick in San Andreas, and animals like what we saw in Red Dead.
  3. larger world. air travel to different parts of the "world". unfortunately i never got a chance to get into GTA4... GTA3 on PS2 is still my favorite.
  4. Customization. Which is what GTA4 did not have.
  5. if the story is half as good as San Andreas (my personal favorite video game of all time) then that will be all I need
  6. For it to be better than GTA IV. I hate to say it, because the GTA series has been good to me since the beginning, but I really didn't care for IV. Just didn't feel right.
  7. i would like it if you could purchase random houses and use them as save points and not just have to use the save points you get from just playing the game. wasn't vice city like that? where you didn't have to buy the properties, but you could for save points?
  8. i love all the gta series.

    i love how they generate controversy. lol
  9. im pretty much expecting an improved version of san andreas with a new storyline, which is all fine and good for me, san andread was my favorite video game ever. even if they just remade that and spiced it up a bit id be happy:p
  10. Customization
  11. more gangs/gangster type game would be fun
  12. I'm expecting a mix of IV and the previous games.

    The story should be looked at the same way they did it with IV, in a more realistic way. Darker, deeper and hard hitting. They've said the stories theme is "chasing the dollar" so I'm expecting a pretty brutal story, with a character who will do absolutely anything to get money (my personal theory so far is that we'll be playing as the old guy in the trailer. One of his family members gets kidnapped and he'll have to earn a ridiculous amount of money to get them back) which opens up a huge world of possibility, much more than in previous games where money's just been something you earn.

    Gameplay wise I want it to be fun again. I don't want to have to rely on DLC to add fun stuff to do, this is GTA, fun is supposed to be the bottom line. GTA IV wasn't fun.
  13. I didn't even know they were making one, sounds interesting though.
  14. I want to shoot buildings and see glass and shit explode.

    I think we're still a long way from that though
  15. I hope they keep the driving mechanics from IV.. So much better than the old games where you could make a 90 turn at 100mph

    Other than that, there better be fucking planes and shit
  16. ^^^

    fucking planes and helicopters and jet packs and wing suits and other flying things. other than good online play and a single player story that pulls me in
  17. I want San Andreas, with much better graphics.
  18. i hope you can visit grove street. i also hope they have some kind of street gang dlc.
  19. The ability to capture and train pokemon
  20. ^All that needs to be said.

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