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what do you guys do with your empty lighters

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fucking baked, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. i have a fucking collection of them in my drawer
  2. Dude... O.O Me too.
  3. how do liters copulate?
  4. #4 Sarkons, Nov 25, 2011
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    take the flint out and the spring, stretch the spring and wrap the end onto the flint. Take your other lighter and heat up the flint and then once the flint is red toss it to the ground.

    skip to like 2:00
  5. Collection in my dresser. I like to leave them around friends houses so they keep finding them, but they're empty so they get pissed.
  6. oh shit that sounds kind of fun. ive thrown empty "crack lighters" those transparent but colored lighters with the adjustable flames on the ground as hard as i could and they pop
  7. dude your an irl troll :smoke:
  8. lol i literally have 6 empties in my drawer and lol for some reason since i quit smoking cigs i go through them quicker???? twilight zone i guess
  9. give em sick sticker jobs
  10. #10 fucking baked, Nov 25, 2011
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    funny you say that cause i just recently made a cool ass lighter with stickers and a permanent marker. i might to a picture of my current one im using later, i know you guys would get a good kick out of it :smoke:
  11. see how many i can fit up my ass... doesn't everyone do that? o.0
  12. Yeah everyone does that you noob it doesn't even need saying
  13. i roll down my window and chuck them as far as possible hitting the objects of most value...if I keep it, say i reach down to pick between two lighters...guess which one I'm going to pick up first...just a nuisance keeping them.
  14. [quote name='"fucking baked"']Yeah everyone does that you noob it doesn't even need saying[/quote]

    I was just about to say what an obvious noob. I've got two up there now that I forgot about
  15. Throw them out.
  16. smash them off the floor of course
  17. Flint Fireworks !!!
  18. I throw them out ofcourse. :cool:

    Dontcha know that hoarding lighters is a gateway to other addictions??? :laughing: :rolleyes::laughing:
  19. Leave them around the apartment so anyone else trying to smoke gets infinitely annoyed
  20. You can do what that guy said and make flint bombs, but they're pretty boring after the first few you see, I just throw mine at the ground real hard and they blow up (even empty ones) or hold a flame to them and they blow up.

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