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What do you guys do to survive your t break?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sourflower, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. Hey all you smokers out there. So I know some people take regular t breaks while others have been smoking for years and never needed one.
    Just wanted to know what you guys do while you're on your break. Detox? Exercise? Any tips for cravings?
    Any way to get your tolerance low again? Been smoking nearly 9 grams every week for awhile now and I get buzzed for an hour or two and completely burn out.
    So yeah, how do you guys deal with your t breaks? 😊
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    I exercise , lift weights, putter around inside and outside
    anything really just to stay busy and keep my mind occupied..
  3. Physical activities help me the most. Working out, snowboarding, going on a walk, sports with friends, swimming. Reading really helps me too, since i can't focus worth a damn on reading when i'm high so t-breaks are a great time to catch up on that. if you have friends or a gf/bf who doesn't smoke, spending time with them is a good idea too. My gf doesn't smoke, but she had no idea i was still smoking and found my piece a couple days ago so I'm on an involuntary t-break myself. Oops. also, I'd advise staying off GC because it's really not helping haha.
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    Same thing I do every other day except don't smoke weed. Uh, just remember to never smoke weed to be comfortable with boredom. I'm always doing SOMETHING. So most of the time weed is just like a pleasantry but regardless if I have I still got stuff I got to do. So, if I'm running low on cash, and can't buy weed for like 2-3 days I don't sweat it. Plus, it's always more awesome when I get a bag again after that little necessity T-Break and I get extra roasted. 
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    Definitely gotta get back into getting my health on track. I can't run to save my life. Can't make it from my house to the end of the street without wheezing... And I live on the end of the street.

    My boyfriend smokes tons but he's going on a break as well so it shouldn't be too bad :) sucks that your gf doesn't condone it though
    I'm way more productive when I'm sober so hopefully I feel accomplished! And yeah I should probably hop off GC haha but everyone here is so interesting and fun
  6. lol ive only smoked once in almost 2 months. i love it. being sober actually feels awesome i never wouldve thought i would feel like this. i dont have to feel like getting high all the time, not to mention the come downs and burnouts..
  7. Yeah I've done it just to fill in time because I was bored and it helped but after I was just bored again hahaha.
    So looking forward to the highs I'll get after this!
  8. Curl into a ball and rock back and fourth

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  9. I spend a little bit more time masturbating. When I was high, it was like pull down my pants, load up the porn, blow my load, then pass out.

    Now I light candles and stuff and a bit more passionate with my right hand. I setup a masturbation shrine so I can pray while masturbating.

    Omega369 :wave:
  10. Hahaha masturbating is good any time really. Second day of my t-break and I think I'm going good! My head is clearer and I'm a bit more productive. Sobriety hasn't been too bad to me :)
    Anyone else on a break?? Post how you're going! I'd love to hear it :D

    Imagination is more important than knowledge.
  11. Don't take them!

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  12. Well I'm currently on a three year T-break thanks to probation (this SHOULD BE my last couple of months) ,and at first I just smoked a lot of cigarettes (I had been smoking for eleven years already) until I kicked the disgusting habit in August of 2013 (thank god) ,and then I transitioned to a healthier form of coping being exercise ,but then around November I fell off and picked up an even worse habit being alcoholism ,and now alas friend here I am trying to fight off the evil that is alcohol. I recommend you pick up a nice diet and exercise regimen (any smart man/women would).
  13. I smoke weed

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  14. I find grass city actually helps. I usually let the universe choose my t breaks so when I get the craving I look at bud porn and it kinda satisfies the itch... for me trying to keep myself occupied just makes me think about it more...

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  15. Gym, School, Art, Make New Friends, Get Involved, Work, Sex. 
  16. Any tips tricks or pictures?
  17. Playing the guitar helps me a lot. Only 2 more months to go! :smoke:

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