What do you guys do after germination exactly?

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  1. So I had 4 seedlings die due to my rockwool drying up so quickly. What do you guys do once you have have germ'd them and are just showing their first set of leaves?

    Also bonus points for who can answer this... The light that is produced by the numbers on my tri meter dangerous to be lighting up the girls during their dark period in flowering?
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    I suggest you take a look at the link in my sig, it takes you from seed to being in your system. Remember your plant doesn't need any nutes until it has AT LEAST two nodes, some even start at 3 or 4. Even then start them out really weak.

    As to your second question, the darker your room is during the dark period the better. If you have the same meter as me, it's a green light so I don't think it would matter much. Even so, I'd try to find a way to keep the meter covered unless you're taking a measurement (I keep mine outside of my grow room).

    Hope this helps! Happy growing :)
  3. Thanks that is a huge help. But yea the light on my meter is also green so i figured since thats the spectrum they can't see should be ok but i was looking for some reassurance.

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