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what do you find a buzzkill?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by skull13795, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. What makes you sober up quick as shit?

    sorry,not sure if it belongs here...

    p.s: is eating a buzzkill?
  2. repeating threads on GC. Such buzz kills
  3. Having a girl running out screaming, "YOU WANNA KNOW WHY I AM THE WAY I AM?!?!?!"
    As she pulls up her sleeves and you see big fucking scars down her forearm. Then crying and all the other females leave with her for the night...
  4. when that sexy asian bitch pulls out a cock
  5. when someone "has" to call their girlfriend
  6. Having to use the bathroom.
  7. When something dosen't go right,For example whenever I get done smoking my "last gram" and theres bad windy weather out and knocks out my towns power for about 2-4 hours,And I was just about to beast in some call of duty or something (Cause I could feel it!),Or when I don't realize our internet has been cut off and I go smoke my last bit and come back and realize its been off,I fuckin start cussing up a storm it just kills me:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::cry:

    And the police,like yesterday I had just picked up and was on my home (walking)
    I walk through the restraunt parkinglot which I never take (dumbass me)
    And there was 7-9 cops standing outide in the parking lot that looks like they just got done eating and laughing and talking,And my sack was in my right pocket! The same side they were on (I only had on some jordan shorts,no jeans or cargo shorts) and they were only standing 3ft from me:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: I'm I like "whats going on guys":) and just kept walking like nothing was going on,good thing I lived a block up.......(Sssssiiiiiggghhhhhhh!!!) Buzzzkilling Spree right there!

    BTW I had 8 gram's in that sack (currently 5 or 6),And i just had court that day (damn i was lucky!) ahhhhhhhhhhh! bye!
  8. Rookie smokers are the BIGGEST buzz kill, between having to walk them through smoking and having to baby sit them all the time. Like this one girl last week, puts her top lip in my bong, and wrapped the rest of her mouth (teeth and all) AROUND my bong. I have the 3ft acrylic, she left teeth marks on my fucking bong!!!!!!! Or my friend, he is fine now but the first time I got him high he tried to drown himself in my sink. Like wtf, who the fuck does that, cuz 5$ weed doesn't do that. My first time I smoked Exo out of a bong and went to go see ironman, then my second time I smoked 2 blunts of Exo (i was told it was sour D and some kinda kush) and I just Jammed on my friends floor. Like who are most rookies so fucking stupid
  9. baby sitting...
  10. When you're on pornhub and there's a video of a super hot chick and about halfway through the vid she whips out a cock bigger then yours... Like wut the fuck
  11. studying for a business law exam... :(
  12. When the cd tray for my xbox doesnt open. I cant get it open as we speak now haha wtf any one ever experience this?
  13. Anything related to negativity, kills my buzz man.
  14. when i get my hopes up for something, maybe like something to do or more bud to smoke or something, and then it gets shot down for some dissapointing haha...another buzzkill is when people keep asking if im high or keep saying how high they are haha its sooo annoying like shut the fahhck up please hahhaha :)
  15. gettin pulled over by the cops.
  16. When you provide the bud and whoever you smoke with claims that their weed is thirty times better but in reality it isn't nearly as good.

    (Smoking upper level mids, great high but bad taste)
    Friend 1: This is straight up Mexischwag.
    Friend 2 (pretty new to smoking): Not really, we smoked it last night and I got more baked than I've ever been.
    Me: Whatever dude, go smoke something else than.
    Friend 1: My shit is way better than this. Y'all are just pussies.
  17. cops, parents(who dont approve), friends who stupid things, things that would make me sad anyway but becomes ten times worse cuz im high, stupid bitches, people who wont stop bugging me
  18. this one time i got stoned as shit with my friends and we watched requiem for a dream...the ending of that movie was the only thing that's killed my buzz ever
  19. LOL what a fucking attention whore. :confused:
  20. ....... jail

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