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what do you feel like when your stoned

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PhishPhan, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. it is just me...

    when im stoned i feel like everything that i see im watching on TV or somthing. when i do somthing, like driving it seems like im playing a driving video game.

    my friends all tell me that its just me,

    maybe its because i wear glasses and the rims make everything look like tiny TV screens?
  2. Thats awesome....
  3. lol..I know what ya mean in a way, I feel similar, and when im playing games, it feels like real life ;)
  4. i feel like im tingling alot when stoned, and once i felt like my face was melting offf. BUT im fucked up on some riddlin!
  5. I talk way too much. And I can't stop. And I know I can't stop, so it only makes me more aware of it. Then it bothers me and I have to start talking about the fact that I can't stop talking. My friends really harass me about it. It takes every ounce of energy I have not to talk all night long.
  6. i feel happy :D
  7. Apparently one time I was high i told a friend of mine that i felt tingly but I have no recollection of saying or feeling that way. I agree with you on the video game while driving experience, it just feels like a game. Kinda cool
  8. i feel like rolling up another?
  9. i feel like a magic power has granted me some "quality of life" for a little while.
  10. I feel fucking good thats what i feel
  11. I know that one. I've felt like shit lately because I'm reduced to choosing between sobriety and alcohol. I want to toke up so bad.

  12. yea!!!!!!!! i also feel relaxed and just ready 4 a good time
  13. i feel high....and i like it alot.
  14. this is what I feel like....

  15. what do you feel like when your stoned? ......................... bunking off work .:smoke:
  16. I feel like everything that is happening is perfect and that everything seems to be in the moment. It's almost like i am doing things without even realizing I'm doing it. It feel like my normal consciousness is in the far back of space in my mind.
  17. I feel amazing when I listen to music while stoned. There's this one song that you can find if you type Nick's Mix in the artist section on limewire that always scares the shit outta me when i'm stoned
  18. when I'm driving and I'm really blazed, yeah, I feel like I'm in a video game, ha. regular, boring things become fun and amusing... I love to blast music with load bass, just relax... sensations are higher, I love smells/touches/feelings 100x better than while sober. I'm not sure.. it's just an all over good feeling.
  19. I have felt like I was in a video game b4 and once in a while one on my friends says it feels like they are in a movie lol . this one time I just got done pulling some G's and i was riding my bike around and i felt weightless it was truly awesome. Then my friend hoped on the handle bars and i felt like it was the scene from E.T...LOL:smoke::smoke:
  20. when im high i feel like :smoke::smoking::hippie::yay::metal:

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