What Do You Feed Your Dog/pet? but mostly dog.

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  1. i feed my middle aged Pomeranian dry kibble. my wife says its more expensive than the others. but ive been doing some reading and i think im gonna start feeding him raw meats and vegetables/fruits. he also likes scrambled eggs! but when i say meats, i mean like his wolf brethren. probably no bones but most everything else. insidey parts too if i can get ahold of some...
    he already likes most any juicy veggie i give him. he likes carrots and tomatoes, cucumbers too. pretty much any fruit. no blueberries or grapes though. i know what not to give him also.

    but with the meat, would it be cooked or uncooked? i knew a guy that told me he fed his pitbull only raw beef and chicken and fish. pure protein. the dog was fucking stacked though. i would probably cook for my dog, hes already old. might aswell give him a warm meal! i should make a change for my old buddy!

    so what have you been feeding your mutt!!!

  2. My dog gets dry kibble, been shopping around for a high protein low fat quality natural dog food, but finding that is a TALL order. Other than that, she gets whatever she can "cute" me out of. Spoiled little girl.
  3. my dog eats the cheap kibble and can food.

    But she eats everything I do, when I buy food, she gets a portion of everything I eat.

    plus a ton of pupperoni..

    my fish gets a lot of chopped shrimp, deshelled, also tilapia and salmon.

    My dog LOVES sushi, not rolls, sushi.
  4. Raw. 80/10/10 Red meat/bone/organs..5% of which is liver

    Occasional egg/fruits

    My girl is 70lbs and eats roughly 1.5-2lbs a day
  5. I feed pedigree adult chow, and they get scraps of meat when I'm cutting ribs or chicken or chops up. They usually get the cuts of fat. Every once in awhile they get the fat and drippings from the skillet as long as I haven't seasoned it too much.
  6. blue buffalo, large breed

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    We fed our samoyed Purina light and fit when we had her (she passed over a year ago at 14). but with all the shit I hear about Purina now a days I don't think I'd ever buy their products again . My roommates dog gets Iams proactive health mini chunks.

    My rabbit eats ox bow bunny basics t adult rabbit food. It has the best fiber/nutrient content for them, and it's Timothy hay based instead of alfalfa based. alfalfa hay has more fat and that's usually what cheaper brands have in them. Alfalfa is good as a treat hay but not as an every day thing. Also it's not good to feed them with the food that has those little colored bits mixed in. Again, more fat than they need, and It's really more an eye candy for humans.

    Omg I just rambled the fuck out of that sorry lol.
  8. Their favoutie is ox heart washed down with goats milk.

    Mostly feed them biscuits for working dogs mixed with canned food.

    Cooking meat for dogs is pointless.

    Save the cooked food for gerbils and tamagotchi.
  9. Couple handfull of bakers complete & a tin of butchers. Also sardines or scrambled eggs for breakfast.
    Oh &the usual table scraps &dog treats.

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  10. Sativa got the good stuff. Alot of people that brought my dogs get b b and they always have giod result . Plus with the good stuff thr dog eats less and shits less.
    I gave mimr dogchow right now and all they do is eat amd shit
    u can find all types of good and bad foods at petsmar . I love geting high and geting lost there checking out all the different kinds of foods and ingredients.

  11. Just dry food to my cat, she won't eat any tuna I don't know why.

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    She hunts mice tho

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  12. I live in a city that has a big 10 veterinary program. One of the best in the country. We take our kids there for care. They recommend Science Diet or Eukenuba.
    And they all still get McNuggets, eggs, treats, Cheetos, and the wife gives them ice cream too.
    But still a good kibble base is key.
  13. so what have you been feeding your mutt!!![/QUOTE]
    We've been feeding our Doberman an all raw diet hoping to fix her allergy problems , we buy her whole chickens and cut them up bones and all into bite size peices ( she loves to crunch her food, but most dogs will just swollow so if that's your dog make sure to grind up the bones small enough) then she gets chicken hearts, gizzards, fish/beef. We also don't allow her to have pork, then she eats any type of fruit or veggie from the garden. We also add a splash of glucosamine or kelp to help with her hips as she was hit by a car when she was a baby and now has a plate and screws in her hip. She LOVES her food , her coat and skin are amazing... Most of the time her food looks better then ours :p
  14. My cat sips on my protein shake

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  15. An onion and chocolate mix. Only da bes.

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