what do you do?

Discussion in 'General' started by supersmokin, May 16, 2010.

  1. when you cant find any fucking weed?
  2. Chill the hell out. It's just grass, man. I haven't smoked today, I can get it delievered to my house right now, but I'll just wait until the morning.

    Weed isn't everything, maybe you should take a break or somethin?
  3. Take other intoxicating substances and forget about it.
  4. I would be chill if i had some green;)
  5. Like Herion! Fuck yeah!:hello:

    No, but I feel your pain, actually not anymore my 1/2 of mids just got here. :D
  6. smoke a black
  7. man up and get through it
    i went from an everyday smoker to not smoking in weeks
    its no fun but it is what it is
  8. i think i found some:D:D:D:D:D

  9. Like heroin, exactly. :hello:

  10. I see you changed your sig, haha good for you. That guy who posted that was a snitch. :mad:
  11. Find pussy... it's a good substitute.

  12. I don't follow you sir. :confused:
  13. Just relax and move on.
  14. Your sig from earlier was posted by some guy with the username: Vodonus or something like that.

    He made a thread about snitching out other stoners who were smoking, and then started bragging about how much of a "badass" he was for what he did.

  15. Your talking about the OP's sig js.
  16. what does js mean
  17. Just saying.
  18. spank the salami

  19. HOLY SHIT, I'm a burn-out. I'm sorry for the confusion. It's what I get fer drinkin and postin. Haha :cool:

    Oh, and +rep just cause I'm nice. :]
  20. I live my life, except without the marijuana. My life doesn't revolve around marijuana. Drug addict, lol just kidding about that last part.

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